Sprint - Sprint and why I would not recommend them EVER

Posted on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 at 1:15pm CST by 131296fc

Company: Sprint

Location: US

URL: www.sprint.com

Category: Telecommunications

For over one month my cell phone number 3387 has not been able to successfully place voice calls to 3389. To our knowledge no one else is having trouble placing voice calls to 3389. The 3387 number is in Michigan and 3389 is in Virginia. It does not matter which region of Michigan I am in I still cannot successfully place a call to 3389, however I can FaceTime and text message without any issue. The 3389 number can call 3387 without any issue.

I have had several experiences with Sprint Business since January 5th when we sought help with this issue from Sprint directly. Prior to seeking Sprint?s assistance we did hard and soft resets on our iphones and deleted each other as contacts and re-added them.

January 8th Sprint opened a ticket to fix the issue, they did not work on or progress on the issue until 1/15. I had to call them for updates.

I got my business acct manager involved and he did not offer advice and he said he would try to move the issue along.

3387 has called 3389 daily without success. I have spoken to Sprint on the phone 35 times since this issue began. I have clear and concise documentation of each issue and have left messages with business support 6 times with the designated person to assist with this issue. He is not returning my calls. Today (2/13) I have called account services and requested termination without fees because of the service issues. The rep offered me $25 for the inconvenience. I declined stating I wanted termination because of the terrible service and that the issue hasn?t been fixed in well over a month.

I seriously discourage anyone from selecting Sprint as a carrier. They do not value their customers and are not able to provide proper support and return service for them.


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