Twisted Terror Convention - Twisted Terror Convention Breaks contract

Posted on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 at 10:59pm CST by William Pattison

Company: Twisted Terror Convention

Location: PO Box 785
LATHROP, CA, 95330, US


Category: Entertainment

I signed up with Twisted Terror Convention to be a Featured Artist at the event. I paid $50 for a table and was supposed to be guaranteed a spot and to be able to appear at the event. I signed in February 2013 for the event which was on March 29 and 30th 2014. I promoted the convention and even had the convention organizors on my radio show. When I signed they didn't announce me like the other guests. Also they never put my name or picture on any promotional material, which is not the standard of the industry. At horror conventions around America artis that pay for their tables are promoted and posted on the website as a guest. I was not. They put me is a separate section of the website by myself. Then on January first I got a PDF letter from the organizer, Aaron Dodge:

Twisted Terror Productions Email: [email protected]

P.O. Box 785. Lathrop CA 95330

Dear William Pattison, aka Eric Morse,

We regret to inform you that we will be cancelling your Artist contract with us. Unfortunately, your attendance conflicts with some of our current Celebrity guests.

Be on the lookout for you $50.00 deposit. We will make it out to Jeanette L. Thompson, unless you need it made out to someone else.

This was a Team decision, so please stop all emails to Dorine. We have made this decision and we are not turning back. Our number one priority is our Celebrity guests and making sure that their comfort level is at 100%.

We will be removing you from our website this week.

So they broke and cancelled my contract because a couple of the "celebrity" guests didn't personally like me. This is outrageous. Now it will be hard for me to get into another convention because this makes me look like I did something wrong when I didn't. This ruins my reputation as an artist. The people are crooks and scam artists. They used me for a year to promote their event then tossed me like garbage.


4365f47e, 2014-02-25, 11:50AM CST

Mr. Morse/Pattison/Fitzgerald is upset and instead of just walking away, is attempting to bring a great convention down. What Twisted Terror did was perfectly legal and if you know Eric Morse's past, you would know that this isn't the first time he's harassed someone. Just look up his name and you will find a lot of good reading material.

He harnessed/bullied his way into a past convention and has actually gone as far as threatening folks. What Mr. Morse was doing with Twisted Terror was providing a service and it is perfectly legal to cancel that service contract without a reason. In fact, the celebrity contracts can be cancelled at any time without reason as well. If a guarantee is in that said contract, the convention organizers are obligated to pay those off.

Hey Mr. Morse, move on.. you have no legal standings and in fact, what you are doing is illegal. You're only hurting yourself and making yourself look bad. No one cares and in fact, many of us are tired of your rants and threats to anyone who goes against what you think is right. You're the bully in every situation.

William Pattison, 2014-02-25, 02:59PM CST

Exercising free speech is not a crime. This goes for both you and me. You clearly dislike my free speech. However, saying that I've threatened people in the past is an insubstancial lie, and that is libelous on your part.

Everything I've said about Twisted Terror Con has been substanciated in specific detail. I've stated the facts clearly and concisely and in a truthful manner.

You contend that the convention is "great" in your opinion which is ok for you to do. Needless our opinions differ in this regard. However, the facts of contract law are clear in this case. The convention was providing me with a service; and not the other way around: That is to say that I was to be able to display my artistry in their forum. I was not commissioned by them to provide a service. If that were the case they would be paying me to provide them my services.

Ultimately, you have declared your intention to defame me in public forums and to do so falsely.

IF I were a cyber bully "which I am not" then you are planning to write an alledged wrong by doing wrong yourself. This does not make a right. In fact for you it may lead to civil consequences so you are warned to tread carefully.

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