David's Bridal - David's Bridal Treats Workers Poorly

Posted on Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 at 2:44pm CST by Jonathan

Product: David's Bridal Treats Workers Poorly

Company: David's Bridal

Location: 810 E Imperial Hwy, Brea

URL: davidsbridal.com

Category: Wedding Services

David's Bridal at Brea is despicable beyond measure. My mom and other seamstresses works there and for the salary, the work, and the effort they put into it, David's Bridal is not worth it. Other than the fact that you have contstantly compaining and whining women who all want the perfect dress (which is okay) but continue to demand service constantly at the same time, the seamstresses there are not paid well for what they do. Employees working at Costco get paid a living wage for handing out samples, while the employees at David's work their asses off just to make a 'wedding come true,' and yet are treated like their not doing something important. In addition, Elena, the manager of the branch, is just as despicable. Recently, the subhuman Elena, made my mom clean the bathrooms without any use of gloves, masks, etc. When my mom asked her for those things, Elena the subhuman refused and said that the store doesn't have them. I'm not exactly sure if she's lying or if David's is afraid that by hiring a janitor to clean the restrooms once a week or at least having the materials needed to do the work safely would bankrupt the company. What will David's do if my mom or somebody get sick?? Are they going to pay for her medical bills due to waterborne and unsanity conditions? I think not. This is extremely unfair and illegal. David's Bridal is such a stupid shitty company, and I hope the greedy bastards in charge have a special place for them to rot in hell. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!


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