Add on Street - Thief on Street

Posted on Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 at 10:19am CST by 9bd44c26

Product: Quick Gallery Joomla Plugin

Company: Add on Street

Location: IN


Category: Computers, Software

I found this website from a web search. My customer wanted a picture gallery on their website.

AddOnStreet did not supply a trial of the component so I purchased and downloaded Quick Gallery. The instructions are simple. I added the photos and from the first preview, the component did not look like the website demo. When I hit refresh, the thumbnails broke and spread all over the page. I resized the photos and edited the component. It looked, not great but okay. My customer previewed the site and the Quick Gallery bugged again and put thumbnails all over the page. My customer sent me a screenshot of the thumbnail bug and asked me to get a different gallery control.

I deleted the AddOnStreet component and found a different one. After that, I contacted AddOnStreet and asked for a refund. Their website says they will give you money back if you do not "love" their controls. That is the first lie. The indian fellow who is AddOnStreet, Grupta is rude and obnoxious. He did not offer to help me, refund my money and instead insulted me accusing me of lying. My creditcard company refunded the money but, Gupta is a swindler and I would not recommend his company to someone I don't like. It is that bad.

Avoid Thief on street. He acts like it is a company but, it is one con artist in India. He WILL NOT refund your money once he gets his hands on it. Avoid if you don?t like hassles and buggy software. I know now why he does not have trial demos of his components. Nobody would give him money once they try his junk products.


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