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Posted on Monday, February 10th, 2014 at 5:48pm CST by casper p.

Company: vodaphone

Location: NZ

Category: Telecommunications

I am Casper parkin we joint Vodafone last year around September .sins then the problems start .firs they send us the wrong Sim cards .the sim cards we received belong to other customers .so I had to travel to town a our away to get the wright sim cards twice to get it sorted .then the bills were wrong and the account numbers were wrong. month after month I struggel to get it right .our account numbers chanced almost every month.

today they canclled our phones and wi/fi because they could not track my payment of last month in their own accounts .but it was in their own accounts since 20 jan 2014.after 3 ours on the phone with them finally they track the payment and fix it .but I did phone them last week to inform this and I was told its sorted but nothing was done.im not happy because every month I have to sort a problem out .they keep diconect our services for their own mistakes .this is elegal what they have done to us the last5 to 6 months

know they relised what they have done to us and only want to offer us one month free .that is not good anouth after all the stress, discomford they caused to us so long .I want a desend compensasion for all they months discomford


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