Casa Meat Balls - Rich Products Corp. - Bone in Meatball/Cracked My Teeth

Posted on Monday, February 10th, 2014 at 10:09pm CST by a45f4b1d

Product: Casa De Bertacchi Authentic Italian Style Beef Meatballs

Company: Casa Meat Balls - Rich Products Corp.

Location: p.o box


Category: Food

I cooked their frozen meatballs and cracked two teeth on a big piece of bone in one. An upper and corresponding lower. After a month when the pain in the teeth hadn't gone away and was getting worse, I contacted the company and told them what had happened and that I needed to get the teeth fixed. They responded that they had to have a dental bill and that had to then be approved. I explained that I didn't have dental insurance and couldn't afford to pay upfront. They said that was how it had to be done. One of the teeth got so bad I couldn't chew. Finally after an agonizing weekend of level 10 pain, I went to an emergency low pay clinic and the dentist said it was cracked and needed a crown, but they didn't do crowns, so she just replaced the filling with a temp and that helped with the immediate excruciating pain after a week, but still couldn't eat. I called the company and they started saying that they needed to verify the tooth hadn't had previous problems. I told them there wasn't until the bone in their meatball cracked my teeth! That was last Sept and they still have yet to do anything to help and I still can't eat on that side of my mouth. Sometimes the tooth hurts so bad I want to pull it out myself. It became abscessed and since it was the weekend (again) I had to treat it myself (which I did successfully - salt water compresses inside my mouth and oatmeal packs - it worked!) The tooth gets worse all the time and I am going to have to have it removed because I can't eat. If they would have addressed the issue at the beginning, I might have been able to save the tooth. I still have the original bag from the meatballs which I saved when it happened.

Shame on you Rich Products Corporation! I've been reasonable about this considering the misery your product has put me through and you have not owned up to your responsibility for your product.

I need my cracked teeth fixed. That might require the really bad one being pulled and an implant put in at this point. I have been in misery with this for many months now and have witnesses to attest to the nightmare this has been for me. They have taken advantage of the fact that I am poor and can't afford a lawyer or the dental care required to fix this up front. I now want to make sure everyone knows how this company treats it's customers and did not take responsibility for the consequences to me for their bad product.


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