Mike Thompson RV Fountain Valley - Theft by employees

Posted on Sunday, February 9th, 2014 at 10:12am CST by Conrad J. K.

Product: Allegro Rv

Company: Mike Thompson RV Fountain Valley

Location: 18240 Ward Street

Category: Products, Services

We had items stolen from our RV by workers at Mike Thompson RV in Fountain valley. A friend experienced a similar incident but did not discover the theft until they were on a trip.

We had our RV in for LENGTHLY repairs to the passenger side cargo doors at MTRV (Mike Thompson RV in Fountain Valley). After I brought the RV home on 1/24/2014, I was going to put batteries in a new electric wine opener that I had put in the RV. The wine opener could not be found. I also could not find a new table top vise that I had purchased to do crafts while traveling. I called Corey Smith and reported these 2 items as missing. I discussed this with my wife and we decided to do an inventory of our RV. We completed the inventory on 1/28/2014 and found a large number of items to be missing. Inside the RV 4 boxes of packed items had been removed. Additionally, someone had gone through all cargo compartments and selectively removed items. Two of the cargo compartments on the driver?s side were unlocked. I never leave cargo doors unlocked, even at a campground. THE REPAIRS WERE ONLY MADE TO THE CARGO DOORS ON THE PASSENGERSIDE. Why were cargo doors open on the driver?s side?


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