Air Tahiti nui - Poor customer service

Posted on Sunday, February 9th, 2014 at 1:31am CST by Amy G.

Product: Air travel

Company: Air Tahiti nui

Location: US

Category: Airlines

Stewards were extremely rude on flight from LAX to Papette and on the return flight. Bought two seats for $3000 round trip and entertainment center in headrests did not work on flight from lax to Tahiti. I notified steward and he said he would reset device. I waited some time and still couldn't use and he never told me if he reset it or not. I eventually complained a third time to a steward bringing drinks. She told someone else who said he would reset devise. I and my husband were celebrating my return from a six month deployment to Afghanistan, I say that because the steward offered to seat us apart which was unacceptable. He returned again and in a rude tone told me this is it, take it or leave it and offered seats by the bathroom and we would be seated in the middle seats in a four swat configuration. I was not going to sit by the bathroom due to smells and traffic wouldn't be conducive to sleeping on thus eight and half hour flight. All the stewards were rude and presented an attitude of not wanting to serve and assist anyone. At one point I rang for a steward to obtain water and no one came so I rang again and after 10 minutes he came and acted put out I needed something.

Once we arrived in Tahiti we tried to find someone at the airport to complain to, found no agents nor anyone in their office. Got to the hotel and concierge called twice before getting someone only to obtain an email address. Emailed compliant only to be told they had 30 days to reply.

On the day we were flying home we got off the cruise and walked to an Air Tahiti Nui office and via the assistance of a lady there we received a reply from them that afternoon. They said that we would not receive any compensation from them and the fact the entertainment system did not work required no action on their part. But they advertise this as a feature and it wasn't available.

On the return flight our sears in the bulkhead did not recline but those directly next to us did. Also, the stewardess brought my veggie dinner before the other meals were served sine it was a special meal. She offered no drink and when she brought my husbands meal she looked right at me and still offered no drink. I had to ask and she begrudgingly poured some water. Food was awful for myself and my husband, overlooked and tough. Veggie breakfast was a roll and broccoli with red sauce. Those eating a regular meal got creeps or omelets. Why couldn't a veggie meal be comprised of a croissant?


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