Foreman and Brasso - Attorney Russell Brasso in San Francisco is a bad and greedy person and scam attorney

Posted on Saturday, February 8th, 2014 at 4:22am CST by Denis J.

Product: Russell Brasso

Company: Foreman and Brasso

Location: 930 Montgomery Street, Suite 600


Category: Law, Civil Rights

Russell Brasso is a humongous FRAUD!! He is unprofessional, dishonest, unrespectful and non-responsive to his clients, talks BIG, knows little about the business law. For this particular case, he claimed that he is an expert in contract cases, but it turned out he is a complete scam even the US Consulate indicated that. He rips off his clients financially and causes tremendous emotional damages. He does little work himself and his associates are incompetent! He is 2-2.5 hrs late for his appointment with his clients every SINGLE time. I can?t believe he is even allowed to practice law! Unbelievable!!! Now looking that I was not alone makes me wonder why people do not start Class Action law suite against this firm. I think now people are not afraid to tell the truth about their attorneys and not get suite by them for saying the truth.


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