Delta Mechanical (Through Home Depot) - HVAC Installation problems

Posted on Friday, February 7th, 2014 at 12:45pm CST by Stan G.

Product: Forced Air Heater Installation

Company: Delta Mechanical (Through Home Depot)

Location: SAN JOSE, CA, US


Category: Home, Garden

The worst--the ABSOLUTELY WORST company I have dealt with as a home owner and apartment complex owner. What should have been a 1 day job, took 8 days, three of which had half my house without electricity because one of the technicians shorted out two lines. And of course let's not forget the missed appointments where I cancelled a weekend vacation trip.

Despite Home Depot's assurance (they contracted with Delta Mechanical) they would help resolve the problem (it still took 8 days to complete the job), and that I would be compensated for the inconvenience caused by their worker's incompetence, I received nothing since they determined that it was "unforeseen issues related to pre-existing conditions in the home." Old houses have old wiring. If a company can't hire technicians to work in homes that are more than a few years old, maybe they shouldn't be working in them.

While Delta Mechanical's local and national reviews have been spotty, I assumed that Home Depot would stand behind and guarantee the work of their contractor. Don't make the same mistake I did and think maybe the good reviews of Delta Mechanical might outweigh the negative ones. I realize the negative ones tell you the real story--especially when there are so many of them.

Don't be fooled by HP's rhetoric and reassuring words that they'll do whatever they can. Not even one dollar of compensation for my inconvenience was offered. I've cancelled my HP credit card and will be purchasing my $10,000 + yearly building supplies from Lowe's. Same quality, same price (lower actually) and better contractors for their products.


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