Just Cloud - Just Cloud Bait & Switch! They DO NOT honor the contract that was agreed upon

Posted on Thursday, February 6th, 2014 at 3:00pm CST by James R.

Product: Just Cloud online storage

Company: Just Cloud

Location: UK

URL: http://www.justcloud.com/

Category: Internet Services

I signed on with JustCloud on a 2 year contract. The contract clearly stated that at any time, I could cancel the service and would recieve a pro-rated refund of the remaining time left on the contract.

After 1.5 yrs, I decided to cancle and asked for the pro-rated refund.

JustCloud responded with an email asking why I wanted to quit (fair enough), offering me a free year if I continued (fair enough), and that my account would not be canceled unless I responded (not fair!)

I responded that I wanted to cancel now, I wanted my refund, and I explained that I already had other services to accomplish what I needed.

JustCloud replied back with another offer of more storage (fair enough) and that my account would not be cancled unless I responded (not fair!).

This went on about 3 more times with JustCloud 'upping the antee' and not canceling. I was almost at the point of getting ugly with them.

When I asked where my refund was, JustCloud stated "we only have a 30-day money back guarantee". I responded that is not in the contract I signed. They responded with "nothing we can do - we have to follow our terms".


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