ScoreBig - They Will Cancel Your Order

Posted on Thursday, February 6th, 2014 at 7:24pm CST by Nauder M.

Company: ScoreBig

Location: US


Category: Entertainment

Refused to process tickets I purchased for my family and friends because they said I was going to resell them.

I purchased tickets for some Tiger games for my family and friends on their site because they are below face value. We had wanted to get a season ticket package, but could not afford to do so. I also purchased some EXTREMELY CHEAP($7-$10) tickets to events outside of our state because I collect the ticket stubs and wanted them for my collection. In addition, I had an incident where I purchased 2 tickets to an event that we ended up not being able to attend. I did not know the policy against reselling the tickets(what was I supposed to do anyway...take the loss?). So, I was going to sell ONE PAIR of my tickets on stubhub. I had purchased probably 50 tickets from this site. Would they have cancelled my order and refunded me for the tickets if I had called them? I HIGHLY DOUBT IT. So, instead of calling me and inquiring, I just got an email saying they were cancelling 90% of my orders for my Detroit Tiger tickets. THEY NEVER EVEN CONTACTED ME BEFORE DOING SO. This is HORRIBLE business practice.


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