Butter Maid Bakery - Warning of my experience!!!!

Posted on Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 at 3:05pm CST by Kim G.

Product: Baked products

Company: Butter Maid Bakery

Location: 7401 Market St.

Category: Food

WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!!!Rip off!!! Do not order from this bakery!!!! I ordered the kolachi (nut rolls). Was the absolute worst tasting bakery purchase I had in all of the years of ordering bake goods or any other form of food online!!!!!!!! I paid $59.95. Free shipping for 3 rolls. They were not only very wet and greasy looking but doughy, under cooked with not much taste but grease!!!! I emailed them right away explained my disappointment wanted to return them for a refund!!!!!!! no response in a couple of days!!! Iemailed again. No response again!!! I called and they could not help!!! I sent a message on their Facebook account. no response!!!!! I email them again by replying to the conformation email thinking they were not getting my emails!!! After no response in a week i contacted pay pal, opened a case, sent email to try and resolve my problem!!!! Well after no response for another week I escalated my case to have pay pal decide!!! After another 10 days and still no response pay pal decided in my favor!!!!! I took the nut rolls from the freezer and paid $11.10 to return them for a refund!!!! I received my refund after another 4 days!!!! i am still out $11.10 for nothing!!! oh and I finally received a reply from them. It is APPARENT they did not want to hear how bad the nut rolls I received were!!! No place on their web site describes what kind of nut roll they are!!! Had I known this I would not have ordered!!! They had NO INTENTION of refunding my money and DELIBERATELY IGNORED ME FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH!!!!! This is what they call their 100% guarantee?????? That if you are not completely satisfied they will do whatever it takes to make you happy????? I think their actions showed the opposite!!!! See for yourself!!! Here is a WHAT the NICE, PROFESSIONAL, BUSINESS LIKE reply I received after 30 days of trying to reach them!!!!!!


we do not sell the dry, light and flaky roll that you were expecting, as there are many variations. had you stopped your conversation at that sentence, we would have been more than happy to promptly explain that to you and offer you any alternative of your choice. after reading the remaining comments such as "awful, terrible, and my dog spit her bite out on the floor", we quickly lost interest and prefer you buy your baked goods elsewhere.

thank you,


Our dog is over weight and eats anything!!!! THIS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!!!!

The business tactics of Butter Maid Bakery rate -0!!!! I would not believe anything they have on their web site!!!!!! They make it sound great with what they say but have definitely proved to be false in my case!!!! I have never been treated so badly by a company!!!! I do not recommend purchasing anything from them!!! You should not have to fight and wait 32 days to get your money back because they did not want to hear the truth!!!! I hope to save someone in the future from being DISRESPECTED, IGNORED and the HASSLE of going through what did by writing of my experience!!!!

THE MORAL OF THIS STORY....Don't judge a book by its cover!!! The truth hurts!!! The customer was not lying about describing the nut rolls and QUICKLY GAINED INTEREST in spreading the word to everyone just how bad their baked goods are and the customer service skills were even worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kl George

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3e749cf1, 2016-02-04, 12:28PM CST

My experience with Butter Maid bakery has only been good. The nut rolls are fantastic. It is a shame that you are that miserable to write like this.

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