Helm Auto Loans/Helm & Associates - Helm Auto Loans/Helm & Associates - Bad Business Practices Takes Precedence

Posted on Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 at 12:03pm CST by 74331595

Product: Vehicle Loan

Company: Helm Auto Loans/Helm & Associates

Location: Bristol Pike, Croydon, PA
CROYDON, PA, 19012, US

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Since my vehicle purchase in May, 2011, I have consistently made my payments, to include a few payment arrangements that were made along the way. June, 2013 I was laid-off and my vehicle was subsequently surrendered/repossessed to/by Helm. At some point, after speaking with my account manager, although still unemployed, I began making "good faith" payments in indication that I plan to eventually redeem my car. Finally employed, I spoke with my new account manager and arranged to get my car back. I gave the 24 hours notice required so the car can be obtained from storage, and I arrived on location at 10a. It was not until after 6p, that I was advised that the car was "just not ready," so I missed a day of work. Fast forward, I received that call that I can pick up the car...I was on public transit, and helm moved locations over that weekend to a place that was not accessible for me. The redemption specialist made arrangements for me to pick the car up from a B&B lot across from the Croydon train station. I went to pick up the car one morning before work..I was to get the keys from Dyneen, whom of which was shocked that I was there. She asked if I was aware of the condition of the car, I replied that I was not, since as far as I was aware, the car was in the condition in which it was surrendered. She was completely disgusted that no one had disclosed to me the fact that the car had been vandalized while in storage. She said that she has a radio contractor, and at least the replacement would be comparable to what was ripped out...With just an hour to get to work, I said that I would give him a call and proceeded to the car. I was appalled at the condition...panels were pulled off and laying on the floor, wiring exposed, air vents were ripped out, radio stolen, writing all over the console, some other metal objects were strewn about the car, and it was completely trashed, as if someone dumped a garbage can inside. I took the car to the contractor twice, only to have a cassette player put in that you can barely hear past all of the static in the one speaker that works. Nothing else was done to the car...I have been in communication with the account manager for well over a month now...she stated that no one at Helm was aware of the damage...after making the redemption payment, and 3 post payments with no fix, I told Kim that I will not be authorizing any further payments until the car is at least brought back to standard...she has yet to liaise/settle on some way to make this situation whole, and still made attempts on my account...Whenever she could, she would attempt to try to absolve Helm of any responsibility in getting this handled...I repeatedly explained that Helm is responsible for managing their affairs with their business associations. I, as the consumer, should have no dealings with any other company other than Helm since that's to whom the car was surrendered...and where payments were made post/prior to...she asked me to send pictures of the damage, which I have done...she too expressed her disgust at what she saw, and was supposedly working to find out if I could switch the car out, lower the payments, or something..but to no avail...I asked for terms of resolve in writing, and never received it...A week ago, she advised that I need to call B&B and ask to speak with a manager. I rebutted that it is not my part to call them, that it's again, Helm's responsibility to manage their relationship with their vendors. Ultimately, I did call, spoke with Nick and after review of the history, we scheduled to bring the car in on 02/08/14...I immediately called Kim the account manager back and left a message with the info as she required. Today is 02/04/14...Helm disabled the engine this morning...I did not make it into work today and no one from the office has returned any of my 4 calls/messages, justifying this action in light of the issue at hand...I would also like for an attorney to reach out to me to pursue a class action suit...At this point, this was all a simple fix, that has turned into a huge nightmarish journey...I am certainly not financially perfect, but have indeed followed through with my due diligence...and have now decided to educate consumers on Helm's practices, with the help of certain government advocacy associations, etc...Send me your experience...[email protected]


b1b96e2a, 2014-03-01, 05:27PM CST

They have taken unauthorized payments out of my account twice and the vehicle is not even in my name nor am I the buyer, my husband is. Not good business at all. This is the second bank and second time they did this The last time my husband went there prior and paid them the full amount of the payment. This time they did it yesterday when his payment is due TODAY!!!

This is like the 6th car we bought from them WTF??

e058c85d, 2015-08-07, 10:41PM CDT

They took unauthorized payments out of my account as well... will never do business with them again!

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