NCIX - Don't trust this company

Posted on Saturday, February 1st, 2014 at 12:00am CST by Sam S.

Product: Motherboard

Company: NCIX

Location: 21788 Garcia Lane,


Category: Computers, Software

False advertising. Advertise mail in rebates that you can't claim.

I bought a motherboard which was advertised with a $15 Mail in Rebate.

This turned out only to be $10 when I bought the item. Of course they wouldn't make good on the wrong rebate amount. I thought never mind at least I'll get my $10 back.

But of course they take 3 weeks to ship the item by which time the MIR has expired so I lost out on the $10 MIR as well.

I emailed the company and at first got an email from 'customer service' saying to send in the rebate anyway despite the rebate form saying it HAD to be submitted and postmarked within 20 days of purchase!

I emailed 3 times after this even sending in a scanned copy of the rebate form showing this condition. Of course after this - NO RESPONSE - just like a typical company that takes your money and doesn't give a damn after that.

I then called the company's number 3 times and I get the usual - ''Someone will contact you'' which of course no one has and is yet another LIE.

Why all this fuss over $10? Because they LIED on the sales details, they lied on the rebate and they lied when I called. I'll rat out companies that take yourmoney and then lie to customers.

This is yet another lying retailer that I wouldn't recommend to anyone.

I've filed a complaint with the FTC and will also do so with the BBB. And you can also read about it on Facebook soon.

BTW when you go to their website, it says for 'customer service' call the number on their website but when you call, you get recorded options, of which Option 3 says for customer service, go to the website !!!???

So unless you press an option for something completely different, you can't actually get through to CS.


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