Easyjet - Easyjet complaint

Posted on Friday, January 31st, 2014 at 3:02pm CST by ellen s.

Product: airline

Company: Easyjet

Location: UK

URL: www.easyjet.com

Category: Airlines

After being on the phone for over 40 minuets yesterday to be told that i would be charged an extra ?180 because of there rubbish difficult to navigate website. I am appalled both by easy jets customer service and easyjet itself . i wanted to book for three people to fly from Bristol airport on the 12th- 15th September. But instead there site had other plans to book me in for different dates. Yet they expect me to pay for there mistake! I think its disgusting! i thought after being on the phone for 40 mins and the phone bill i will receive is enough of a payment to change me flights over. because of there mistake one of my flights not be used and 3 other people will not be coming with us!

Easyjet have not only given me a big phone bill this month but they have ruined my holiday. They also have the rudest most useless staff that i have ever had the mis fortune of dealing with.


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