Posted on Thursday, January 30th, 2014 at 7:42pm CST by Pa Poo

Product: Rain-X

Company: Rain-X

Location: US

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

There is an automotive product that people should be aware of causing a VERY dangerous hazard if used even if used as directed.

The product Rain-x (or maybe Rain-EX) that if applied on the windshield of a vehicle can cause SERIOUS vision impairment if it is raining and traveling on unlighted highways at night; it is these conditions that cause SEVERE GLARE from oncoming traffic headlights. And on top of all that, the product cannot be readily removed to improve the hazardous conditions caused by the product's application!

Please DO NOT use this product! You may find yourself in a Highly hazardous &/or dangerous highway situation...


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Robert Allyn L., 2014-01-31, 09:34AM CST


I have been using this for 25 years and haven't noticed the effect you describe.

I drive comercial Vehical where the Rain x is not used and My personal truck where I do and have never noticed a change or increase in glare.

de09eb81, 2014-02-03, 08:17AM CST

I agree with the OP. I bought a car from my mother. She had used Rain-X on the windshield. I had never used it before. It leaves a greasy film that will not easily go away. You cannot remove this quickly. I've had the car for a year and I still see the after effects of use of this product. The residue left on the window is not visible during the day or when on well lit streets at night. You notice it when you are driving in dark conditions and car headlights suddenly appear. Then the residue mars your visibility. It is even more dangerous if it is raining and nighttime.

d05c4ccb, 2014-02-03, 12:52PM CST

Odd, I've never seen this issue either from many years of using Rain-X. To me the danger is much worse without it.

I wonder if OP is applying it correctly. Are you letting it dry and then removing it after?

Pa Poo, 2014-02-14, 07:13PM CST

Hell yes I used it properly!!! And for my entire trip from Michigan to Florida I was continually forced to pray for clear weather after "living" through the glare going through Ohio during the rain, at night on the unlit divided highway. Every passing, oncoming vehicle nearly made me want to pull over...

After returning home, the only thing I found to totally remove the crappy residue was oven cleaner. So, Mr. Allen, I simply don't believe you're BS story ONE LITTLE BIT!! I have found a total BS'er like you in every complaints chat board of "this nature" I have ever seen......... Your comment is only putting lives at risk... Shame on you!!!!!@

de09eb81, 2014-02-14, 07:41PM CST

Pa Poo...I appreciate the tip about the oven cleaner. I'm going to try it on my windshield as soon as possible.

Pa Poo, 2014-02-14, 07:49PM CST

Try to avoid contact with the skin AND the rubber around the class.

Pa Poo, 2014-02-16, 07:15AM CST


Sorry I forgot to mention - - you must wash the glass completely to avoid residue from harming the wiper blade...

404fbbe0, 2015-10-27, 11:49PM CDT

I finally googled Rain-x glare. This is what I experience as well. I think it's catching the light and reflecting it through every raindrop. I don't notice with cars so much as street lights in the night rain. Scares me.

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