Verizon New England - Verizon BOSTON Credit Report Fraud

Posted on Thursday, January 30th, 2014 at 9:59am CST by 48b6992d

Company: Verizon New England

Location: 185 Franklin St Ste 200 Boston, MA 02110


Category: Business, Finances

I did a credit report on myself and found that Verizon marked a bill I paid in full as a Charge off and hurt my credit score. I contacted them and wrote them, filed a BBB complaint and they did nothing. I have a landline and internet package with them and cancelled the landline so they needed to set up a new account for me because I no longer was using the phone number they used for the account info. After I cancelled the phone/internet package they sent me a bill and they overcharged me so I called them and told them about it and they said they would send out another bill which they did about 30 days later. Now they claimed that that bill was charged off even though I paid it. I paid it within 30 days of receiving the final bill and no where on the bill did they say it was late, past due or being sent to collections and it should not have since they made a billing error and told me not to pay it until the new bill arrived. I even provided verizon with a copy of the payment and the billing invoice on this account and although the bill is now marked as paid on my credit report it still shows as a chargeoff. VERIZON IS A COMPLETE FRAUD FOR DOING THIS TO ME EVEN THOUGH I PROVIDED PROOF THAT THE BILL WAS PAID IN A TIMELY FASHION AFTER THEY SENT ME THE CORRECTED BILL. AVOID VERIZON AT ALL COSTS BECAUSE THEY ARE COMPLETE FRAUDSTERS AND ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

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Robert Allyn L., 2014-01-30, 03:18PM CST

Just for fun: File a small claims suit for the amount. Tell the judge as it was a write off, and appears against your credit score as such you want your money back.

Then let Verizon explain why they shouldn't have to pay.

I doubt you will win but just for the entertainment value of having the Verizon rep stand up and jusify the credit reporting and billing practice.

Cheap at twice the price.

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