Active Lite Weight Management - Bad Customer Service/SCAM

Posted on Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 at 3:28pm CST by Brenda H.

Product: Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Company: Active Lite Weight Management

Location: 12399 Belcher Road, Suite 150
LARGO, FL, 33773, US


Category: Online Scams

I purchased the product, when I saw it advertized on Facebook, Free trial, just pay $4.95 for shipping. I purchased the Pure Garcinia Cambogia on December 23, 2013, received a phonecall the next day asking if I wanted to purchase another product, I said No. she said that I would receive my order on December 28. I received the product on Jan 14, 2014, and when I read the invoice, it stated that I had 14 days to call and cancel any further shipments, (which meant I would've had to call them on the Jan 11. I called and explained that I had just received the product and the man said he would extend my time until the 28th of Jan. I called on the 28th and was told that I didn't try it long enough for it to work. I said I did not want any further shipments and the girl just argued with me. When I finally got it through to her that I was not interested in the"deal"she was offering me, (1/2 Price for 3 month at $44.00!!!) she said that in order for them not to charge me anymore (22.00) for the rest of the bottle, I would have to return the bottle within 21 days, and said to make sure I got a Tracking number as they are not responsible for any LOST product.

This is just a crappy way to do Business and it shocks me that businesses are allowed to act this way!!


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Patricia, 2014-02-18, 05:05PM CST

What number did you call? all of the numbers i have tried to call have been out of service or non-exestint :

Please write back, thank you very much!


Laya M., 2014-02-19, 01:08PM CST

I am experiencing a similar problem and unable to reach the company after speaking to them weeks ago regarding returning the product and also received an RMA # and tracked the shipment and have confirmation it has been received by them.

Brenda H., 2014-02-19, 01:43PM CST

Here is the number I called Phone: 1-888-276-2477

Good Luck

Sandy B., 2014-02-24, 11:07PM CST

My issue is that I ordered this some time ago, and haven't ordered again since. Now, it shows on my banking account the Pure Garcinia and the Cleanser product that comes with it, have charged me $200. The number "Pure Garcinia" had on the email they sent is "1-800-765-706" and of course, it's not working because a number is missing.

If anyone can help me reach them in any way, or have went through the same issue, please write back!

- Sandy

Brenda H., 2014-02-25, 06:18AM CST


call your Credit card company and tell them to not put anything else through, Explain to them that you have no way of cancelling the order because a number is missing in the phone number provided. You might even have to cancel your credit card.. Good Luck!

Diana C., 2014-02-25, 12:47PM CST


Diana C., 2014-02-25, 01:55PM CST

Well I called the number and they said they will refund my money today we will see if that works!!! Told them I had seen they was a scam so I will wait and see!!!

4c86a161, 2014-03-07, 11:32AM CST

I have also had a similar problem. I ordered the CleanseFX and the Garcinia Cambogia for the trial period. After some conversation where I insisted that I wanted to cancel the contract, they told me I would be billed for the amount so make sure I sent the remaining product back, get an RMA # and make sure to get a tracking number. I even received a cancellation notice with all the above information on it. I tracked it and it was received, but I never received a refund, nor am I able to call them. I was told that the number is disconnected. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Diana C., 2014-02-27, 05:18PM CST

I have to say our account has been reimbursed the funds they took out but did not want to take anymore chances so we blocked the card to male sure no more WAS taken out cant risk this again!!!

4e2a367a, 2014-04-22, 06:18PM CDT

Friendly Scam Alert

It has come to our attention that an entity

using the address

has accepted orders for a diet supplement product

We have received a number of calls about the status of these orders

Please note that

ActiveLite Moblity Systems Inc.

located in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

does not sell diet supplement products

ActiveLite Moblity Systems Inc.

is not associated in any way


b6bfa0dc, 2014-04-28, 04:05PM CDT

Thanks Brenda I just called the number you posted and they'll stop further shipments and cancel my account. I talked to Nataly ID: 38191 tel 1-888-276-2477

e3b6b95a, 2014-04-30, 07:48PM CDT

Please take a look at

7ad69815, 2014-05-04, 04:52PM CDT

moi aussi je me suis fait avoir...ils mont pris sur ma carte de credit 194.80 sans de permission bien sur. en plus davoir payer deux fois 4.95$ pour les ?chantillons .

pcleanse et enjoy active lite que jai pris sur facebbok et depuis plus aucune trace d'eux. jai essaye plusieurs tel. toujours sans reponse

si ceci nest pas du vol ce quoi dapres vous .. merci

Bryan K., 2014-05-04, 06:48PM CDT

We are

ActiveLite Mobility Systems Inc.

Our web address is

We do not sell

Diet Supplements

It has come to the attention

of our legal department

that an entity is

using the web address

That entity has accepted orders

for diet supplements

such as Garcinia Cambogia

We have received

numerous calls from

misdirected and confused


who are concerned

about the status of their

orders and / or payments

relating to

Please note that

ActiveLite Mobility Systems Inc.

is not associated in any way


We also have no connection

with other web addresses they use


4e7a7ef0, 2014-05-08, 12:37PM CDT

I ordered once to try the products, and I never ordered again, but I received a bottle of Pure Garcinia Cambogia for this month.

Please cancel my account as of today.


Annie T., 2014-05-08, 10:27PM CDT

Je veux annuler ma commande Annie Trottier (819)375-4717

83974d87, 2014-05-13, 04:46PM CDT

My name is stephanie, I called 1-800-608-9756 for cleanse fx to cancel,a dn the other number for garcinia cambogia call * 1-888-276-2477 I called there to report side effects and i got a gold of a representive, try calling these numbers for reembursment.

0a140fd7, 2014-05-23, 07:09PM CDT

Description in my credit card statement is TRY ACTIVE LITE 1-888-737-8927 XGBR USD 89.41 GBR 1.125713007.

They got me on hook by offering a prise for completing an on-line survey. I completed a survey and accepted a free prise and paid for delivery $2.95 US.

Next day a company representative phoned me to confirm the address and offered other product. I refused. After prise ( Garcinia ) received I discarded a package without checking for any letter. My credit card has been charged one month later for $89.41 US and same amount two week later. Second bottle received about two week after second charge.

The phone 1-888-737-8927 works and picked promptly. Customer service very polite.

I was told that I accepted trial not a prise, so they charge me for first bottle and sign me on a contract for feather shipments. I canceled that what they call "order" and asked for refund. They offered me 50 % refund for second bottle and let me keep it. I accepted.

Definitely scam in part how they offered a prise and then make it an order. I do not have a means to prove my right. I can suggest to take a photo of a screen when you accept anything (especially for free) including a final page of air ticket order. My friend paid for a ticket and a date return has changed some how in last moment...

779e73c9, 2014-05-24, 06:00AM CDT

S'il vous pla?t consulter le lien

Erika B., 2014-06-03, 05:02PM CDT

I would like to email them a letter does anyone have their email.....or website. I agree total SCAM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

99515dd6, 2014-09-04, 09:37PM CDT

i would like to cancel my member ship....My name is Julie B?langer.I don't want other produit de pure garcina cambogia.....Thank you

Julie B?langer<

19 rue du C?nacle

Lac-au-saumon QC GOJ 1m0

0a140fd7, 2014-09-05, 08:22AM CDT

Hi Julie,to cancel you suppost to phone the company .Why you post here?

d2e7eec5, 2014-09-19, 06:52PM CDT

Just had the same result, purchased both bottles of which I thought was a total of approx $10 but now another $200 charged to my credit card. Talked to them and received a cancellation notice within minutes but my bank cannot do anything for me, not their fault but am amazed that there is no protection for the consumer when this is obviously a scam. Live and learn but this is disgusting!

709a5a33, 2014-12-05, 05:56PM CST

The 1-888-276-2477 is always busy. I am another customer trying to cancel this order. I guess I will have to call my bank to block this order. Not sure what else to do.

Judy W., 2014-12-05, 02:53PM CST

I can't get anyone to answer at your number 1-888-276-2477. I received 6 bottles of Pure Garcinia Cambogia today and I did not order 6. I only order 1 to get one free. And now I don't want any of them. Please send me an RMA to return all of them and do not charge me for them. If you already have please refund my money immediately.

Judy W., 2014-12-05, 03:00PM CST

I can't even get my comment to be submitted. What a farce. Refund my money immediately and send me an RMA so I can send the 6 bottles I received from you today. I don't want them.

8ff0948d, 2015-02-28, 05:57PM CST

Thank you for posting this. I fell for this and just ordered my trial. Just canceled my credit card in the meantime. They won't cancel order and I don't need them having my info.

Laya M., 2015-03-01, 02:01PM CST

I had the money reimbursed to me through my bank. I used a Bank of America Visa card and called them and gave them the details. They had an investigation done and found that many other customers had a similar problem with the same company. My advice to you is to do the same because the actual pure garcinia company is a fraud and this is how they make their money.

Maria G., 2015-03-04, 11:45AM CST

I ordered 3 bottles of the Garcinia Cambogia and they charged my account for 5 bottles. When trying to resolve this issue to get my original order it was denied. said I wanted to return the 5 bottles for All my money back because it was not what I had ordered. They said they would still charge me a $5.00 per bottle return. I am returning the bottles now and see where we go from here.

Michel B., 2015-05-26, 08:45AM CDT

je vient d,acheter le forma ,dessai gratuit et une bouteille extra pour 19.95$

il mon charger 37.09$us il est impossible de rejoindre par telephone,meme de impossible de canceller avec visa,,,ce site ets une fraude degeulasse,,

connaisser vous un moyen de remedier a mon probleme,,,

Laya M., 2015-05-26, 11:15AM CDT

Hi Patricia,

The best thing to do is contact your credit card company and file a complaint against the company via your credit card company. They will ask you details as to the name of the company that is charging you, the amount and th date. The credit card company will then block that company from charging you in the future and will complete an investigation. You will receive your money back and as long as the investigation yields the same results as you claim you get to keep your money.

Hope this helps.

I successfully received my money from the Bank of America and they were able to put a block on th company from taking anymore money.

Good luck!

fe h., 2015-07-31, 09:52PM CDT

Yes, I agree a million percent this is a scam. You all be careful about pure garcinia cambogia product. I did some checking on this product and found out that HCA, (hydroxycitric acid) Is the key ingredient. Anyways, the free trial got my attention even though I saw that they only have 60% HCA. So I went ahead an ordered the 14 days free trial on the phone, 888-276-2477 back in April this year 2015. Before confirming my order, I asked the agent if they have anything more than 60% HCA, and she said no, that they only offer 60% HCA and it works. She said it worked for her. Anyways, I ordered the free trial along with the cleanse FX that she said it works well with the pure garcinia. I got my order and I started on it right away. Well, it worked and I loved the product. I noticed that it started working for me within that first week. So before my trial was over, I called them back to continue with the pure garcinia and I got it. After I was done with my trial bottle, I then started on my new bottle. Well, it didn't work anymore with this new bottle. So I gave it a few more days and see if it kicked in, but nothing. So I finally took a closed look at the bottle to see what is the HCA% and came to find out, it was 50%. I got so angry and called them back. The agent apologized and said that they must have sent me the old bottle. She said that she will send me a 60% HCA bottle no charge. She gave me the confirmation for the order. After 7 days, no order came, so I called to check on it, and they told me they were not sending me another bottle, because the bottle I got was mislabeled it was supposed to be labeled 60% instead of 50%. I never heard that before in my life for any product I ordered. And if it was mislabeled, than why was it not working anymore? I argued with them but I didn't get anywhere. So I canceled the garcinia prompt that day. Anyways I still have the cleanse FX. I called them to reorder my cleanse FX and the agent wanted to sell me the pure garcinia again. I told her never that I wanted to do that with them again. I said there are other companies that are selling the pure garcinia and I am going there. The agent apologized and insisted that I come back to them. She even offered me another 14 days free trial. She was very nice on, so once again I took the free trial. I specifically explained to her that I do not want them sending me a 50%HCA after my free trial. I repeatedly mentioned that to her, and I also spoke to her spvsr and I clarified that with her too. Suprevisor's name was Desareigh, I'm not sure if that's the correct spelling. And she said that they will send me the 60% after my trial, and if there is any problem, call back and ask for her. Anyways, I got my order today, and guess what? First thing I checked was the HCA, and it says 50%. Oh I was angry. I called and I asked to agent to transfer me to spvsr Desareigh but I got a different spvsr his name was Jason. I asked Jason for Desareigh and he said she was not in at the moment but he can help me. I said I hope so but if not, then I will have to call back when Desareigh is in the office. Well this Jason also told me that the product I got was mislabeled. Big scam. My issued didn't go anywhere with Jason, so I told him I will call back for desareigh. Jason didn't offer any solution to this issue except cancelling my account and offered me a refund. Big scam.

fe h., 2015-08-01, 12:23PM CDT

online big scammer>

All these numbers, 888-276-2477, 888-608-9756, 877-818-3236 are all connected to the same scam company without a name. I asked them what is the name of their company and the same answer they gave was, they were not allowed to say the name of their company because they are a three party customer service. I asked what their web site is, and they say they were not allowed to say it, but for me to goggle the weight loss and I will see them. They must be a billionaire scam company. Sure they deserve what's coming to them.

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