Active Lite Weight Management - Bad Customer Service/SCAM

Posted on Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 at 3:28pm CST by Brenda H.

Product: Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Company: Active Lite Weight Management

Location: 12399 Belcher Road, Suite 150
LARGO, FL, 33773, US


Category: Online Scams

I purchased the product, when I saw it advertized on Facebook, Free trial, just pay $4.95 for shipping. I purchased the Pure Garcinia Cambogia on December 23, 2013, received a phonecall the next day asking if I wanted to purchase another product, I said No. she said that I would receive my order on December 28. I received the product on Jan 14, 2014, and when I read the invoice, it stated that I had 14 days to call and cancel any further shipments, (which meant I would've had to call them on the Jan 11. I called and explained that I had just received the product and the man said he would extend my time until the 28th of Jan. I called on the 28th and was told that I didn't try it long enough for it to work. I said I did not want any further shipments and the girl just argued with me. When I finally got it through to her that I was not interested in the"deal"she was offering me, (1/2 Price for 3 month at $44.00!!!) she said that in order for them not to charge me anymore (22.00) for the rest of the bottle, I would have to return the bottle within 21 days, and said to make sure I got a Tracking number as they are not responsible for any LOST product.

This is just a crappy way to do Business and it shocks me that businesses are allowed to act this way!!


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Patricia, 2014-02-18, 05:05PM CST

What number did you call? all of the numbers i have tried to call have been out of service or non-exestint :

Please write back, thank you very much!


Laya M., 2014-02-19, 01:08PM CST

I am experiencing a similar problem and unable to reach the company after speaking to them weeks ago regarding returning the product and also received an RMA # and tracked the shipment and have confirmation it has been received by them.

Brenda H., 2014-02-19, 01:43PM CST

Here is the number I called Phone: 1-888-276-2477

Good Luck

Sandy B., 2014-02-24, 11:07PM CST

My issue is that I ordered this some time ago, and haven't ordered again since. Now, it shows on my banking account the Pure Garcinia and the Cleanser product that comes with it, have charged me $200. The number "Pure Garcinia" had on the email they sent is "1-800-765-706" and of course, it's not working because a number is missing.

If anyone can help me reach them in any way, or have went through the same issue, please write back!

- Sandy

Brenda H., 2014-02-25, 06:18AM CST


call your Credit card company and tell them to not put anything else through, Explain to them that you have no way of cancelling the order because a number is missing in the phone number provided. You might even have to cancel your credit card.. Good Luck!

Diana C., 2014-02-25, 12:47PM CST


Diana C., 2014-02-25, 01:55PM CST

Well I called the number and they said they will refund my money today we will see if that works!!! Told them I had seen they was a scam so I will wait and see!!!

4c86a161, 2014-03-07, 11:32AM CST

I have also had a similar problem. I ordered the CleanseFX and the Garcinia Cambogia for the trial period. After some conversation where I insisted that I wanted to cancel the contract, they told me I would be billed for the amount so make sure I sent the remaining product back, get an RMA # and make sure to get a tracking number. I even received a cancellation notice with all the above information on it. I tracked it and it was received, but I never received a refund, nor am I able to call them. I was told that the number is disconnected. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Diana C., 2014-02-27, 05:18PM CST

I have to say our account has been reimbursed the funds they took out but did not want to take anymore chances so we blocked the card to male sure no more WAS taken out cant risk this again!!!

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