Teavana - Teavana Perfect Teamaker

Posted on Sunday, January 26th, 2014 at 7:38pm CST by Susan B.

Product: Home, Garden

Company: Teavana

Location: Orders should be returned to: Teavana Distribution Center ATTN: Returns Dept. 500 Long Beach Blvd.

URL: www.teavana.com

Category: Home, Garden

I have the "Teavana Perfect Teamaker" - absolutely love it. It's the prior model that they used to make that didn't come apart. When I lent it to my girlfriend who is a nurse she returned it - refusing to use it- and showed me how tea leaves had gotten trapped in the screens. She explained that this was a site for bacteria growth and should not be used.

Despite the fact that the standard return period has passed (that is what I was told when I spoke to customer service), it seems to me that they would want to replace a unit that is now an unhealthy, unusable item due to their own poor design. Especially since their web-site talks about healthy, healthy, healthy. Probably should have been recalled.

I would like a replacement "teavana perfect teamaker"


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