ActiveLite Pure Garcinia Cambogia, inc - Wanting to cancel membership

Posted on Saturday, January 25th, 2014 at 11:16am CST by lynn w.

Product: Pure Garcinia Cambogia diet pills

Company: ActiveLite Pure Garcinia Cambogia, inc

Location: US

Category: Health, Beauty

They had an ad on my facebook page so I thought I'd try their trial at a cost of $4.95. I ordered the trial and got an alert from my creditcard within minutes that my card had been charged $28.95. This was at 8:20 this morning. I immediately tried to call the customer service, but, suprise, suprise they didnt open till 10am. So, at 10am I called to cancel and they told me it had already shipped. I then tried to cancel any membership that they might have on me and they told me that they cant cancel my membership until I receive my package but, if something happens and I dont cancel before the 19th of February, they will charge my card $89.00!! When I ordered the trial it said I should receive it by February 23rd!! Now, I think its bull crap that they cant cancel my membership and also I dont believe that it has already been shipped!!


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KingRichard T., 2014-02-26, 05:31PM CST

This company is tricking people into a subscription type ordering process by telling you to claim you bottle which in my eyes says it is your, free. These A-Holes billed me 89.00 for 60 pills after I cancelled my order. It is ActiveLite Pure Gardinia Cambogie and a company called CleanseFX. They trick you into beleiving it's a freebottle of pills and then charge you 89,00 for each bottle.

227c8729, 2014-02-11, 10:12PM CST

I ordered the trail for $4.95 and then they charged me monster $89 and now they claim that was the cost and not $4.95 as I did not cancel the subscription before the trial period expired. They are crappy and just screwed me for $89 !! Please stop buying anything from these sharks !

1dc1aca9, 2014-02-17, 07:17PM CST

I ordered the free bottle, well it looks free when you order it. They say it is a trial and then charged my credit card, be very careful, if you do not cancel, they will ship product again and again as they did with me. I will return the shipment that they shipped on the 12th and receive a full refund as my bak has guaranteed. Please report these actions to the bank and possible the Better Business Bureau. Do not let them keep doing this to folks who think they are actually giving a month's supply for just the shipping.

b1af6523, 2014-02-19, 03:40PM CST

This is a complete scam! I called them originally when after the supposed trial of $4.99 charged me $42.95! They told me that my subscription will be cancel and no further charges will be made to my CC and now I have only been charged again but now the amount is $89.41! I've tried to call their "customer service" so many times and all I get is a recording that says "this account's number is not valid" you have to be freaking kidding me!!! I already filed dispute with my bank but this is such a mess!

Janette F., 2014-02-25, 08:30AM CST

THIS IS A BIG SCAM....i ordered the free trial for 4.95 and now they charging me 89.00 dollars for subscribing. I'm trying to call customer service but they never pick up..

Janette F., 2014-02-26, 09:35AM CST

Garcinia Cambogia Class Action Lawsuit If you or a loved one has purchased a product containing Garcinia cambogia fill out our online form or call us at 1-800-YOURLAWYER (1-800-968-7529) to learn your rights. - See more at:

227c8729, 2014-02-26, 10:49AM CST

I reported this to my bank as fraud.They are really ripping people for $89. No invoice is ever given for that amount , no such bogus membership is ever confirmed via email or otherwise - real scam - They appeared on Dr Oz website but now disappeared altogether- if you go into their website nothing to say about products they sell no prices given. Call center says they are being hired by the company and they cannot give the details about the company. Report to your bank as FRAUD and ask them to reverse it.

UNAUTHORIZED robbing using our credit card !!

009d08ef, 2014-03-01, 12:12PM CST

I just got ripped right off, just like you. I am now reporting everything to my bank as fraud. Buyer beware. The bank explained that many, many people are haveing the same experience with this bogus company. I will be posting as many comments on facebooka s possible to warn people about this, please do the same thing!!!

Raymond G., 2014-03-07, 06:57AM CST

weve all been silly to purchase this offer nothing is for free,to cancel call 0801685382 or 08091682080 ,the address ive have for who i purchased is Natural health 7 peel house 30 the downs altringham cheshire wa142px

they have offered me 50% back and cancelled all further shipments hope this helps you

4b735b59, 2014-03-08, 01:48PM CST

I ordered and have been taking them, a few hours afterI started feeling sick

Jenn, 2014-03-19, 05:15PM CDT

I really wished I searched the company before I bought this! Instead I researched the product. I fell into the same trap as the rest of you. As Raymond said, they gave me 50% back. I am furious but I guess it's my own fault for not paying more attention.

227c8729, 2014-03-19, 10:10PM CDT

These guys are real A-holes as someone said before. It is a well calculated trap - report to your bank AS FRAUD as they are unable to produce any invoice for $89 to counteract fraud claims - period . Just report it as fraud.

41a715ee, 2014-03-26, 11:19AM CDT

I just ordered this product yesterday through a link of Facebook. I was already skeptical but something told me to go for I did more research about it and came across all your reviews. Now I'm freaking out. So I called the customer service line for Activelite Pure Garcinia Cambogia, & someone answered right away. They found my order #, and I specifically asked "If I decide I don't like the product & want to cancel within the 14 day trial period, will my account be billed anything besides the original $4.95 shipping?" She said no, as long as I cancelled before April 11th. If I don't cancel before then, I will be automatically be billed for the next shipment which was $70-something. She did mention the $44.70 half off price if I wanted to continue my "membership"..when I ordered it, it said it would be here Saturday (3 days from placing my order), when I called she didn't give me a direct answer. She said "it depends on the postal service, like....probably 5...5-10 days I think" so we'll see. I watch my account daily, so far no suspicious activity. I will update once I cancel my subscription. Always a good tip, if you are doing it just for the trial period, cancel your subscription the same day you get it in the mail, that way you won't miss the cancelation period.

227c8729, 2014-03-26, 06:46PM CDT

There is no such next shipment - they charge $89 for the first shipment for which they initially charged $4.95 and they are unable to produce even an invoice for $89 - period. So you are one of their reps trying to concoct a false story - the truth is these guys are top class rogues - ask them to produce an invoice for $89 - they cannot ! Stop disguising as customers and trying to clear their rogue image ! Your story no where near what we got !

41a715ee, 2014-03-26, 07:02PM CDT

I'm sorry that you think I'm lying or "one of their reps", unfortunately I just got sucked into their scam through Facebook, I'm constantly checking my account throughout the day, hoping they don't charge me more than just the shipping. I called the number in my confirmation email. I was simply sharing what info they gave me. I'm completely convinced this company is a scam, and I'm super nervous about them f'ing up my account. They could be telling me lies as well, but I was just sharing my experience so far to see if anyone had a similar experience. We all got scammed, we all got sucked into their bullshit, and are all affected in a negative way. It sucks, but by me sharing my experience (which we all are simply doin be, right?), I don't think it's nice of you to accuse me so aggressively when you don't know me. We all have the same goal, to stop these asshats from scamming more suckers like us. All I know is that it was supposed to be a free trial bottle for $4.95. Hopefully no other charges show up on my account. If so, I'll be pissed.

227c8729, 2014-03-27, 11:05AM CDT

I recorded the telephone conversation I had with them - In it , the woman tells me that the actual cost of the bottle was not the shipping cost of $4.95 but $89 on top of the shipping cost hence there is no such thing as next shipment - I told them I should be mentally insane to sign up for any thing charges charges me 3 times of a market price - and they told me it is their price - so what more can you say . I asked them to give me an invoice - they sent me an invoice which only had $4.95 shipping cost BUT NO other charge. So please note these guys are ruthless rogues and avoid them and tell others too Good Luck to you if you can avoid the monster $89 hitting your bank account - if it does hit report it as fraud to the bank as they will never produce an invoice for $89 . That is the only way fraud can be established.

Frans v., 2014-03-31, 10:12AM CDT

I answered their ad when it came onto the Canada Revenue web site...I ordered the free bottle and paid the shipping by credit card...I tried to cancel but the rep that called me talked me into trying the product (Pure Garcinia Cambogia)as it was only for the shipping charge..I also told her I did NOT want any other, I noticed a charge of $89.41(US) $103.20 (Canadian) on my Mastercard...I phoned Mastercard and they are aware of the company and what they are doing, but powerless to stop them as when you order the free sample, small print in the contract says they are going to continue to send this crap to you...I had to cancell my mastercard to stop them...what bullshit

afa1deb4, 2014-03-31, 12:18PM CDT

I received my shipment of Pure Garcinia Cambogia from ActiveLite last week and almost didn't notice the invoice which reads that I can cancel my membership within 14 days to discontinue future shipments. Huge red flag so did a quick search and came across this complaint (should've done this before giving them my credit card number). So I called them today and, although steaming from being scammed, maintained my composure throughout the call. I asked to cancel my "membership" and the girl asked why. I told her that it doesn't work for me. From her script she attempted to "give" me the product for a cheaper price, each time slashing the cost in half and phrasing the deal like"why don't you just go ahead and keep the bottle then for $22.95 then, ok?" Every time I replied "no thanks". She told me that I could return the product within 21 days and not be charged. I would have to pay for shipping myself and she provided me with instructions to put my order number clearly on the return package, to put the 17 digit RMA# clearly on the package (a mistake that could be costly) and to ensure receipt of the package, to request a tracking number from the postal service. I am still thinking of canceling my card but might just wait it out. At any rate, I will post back here if I run into any problems.

Also, a representative from the company called me the day before my shipment arrived to try to make me some deals. When I brought this up on the call to Customer Service today I was told that it wasn't made by their company...that they don't ever place any outbound calls and that it was one of many other companies that placed the call.

41a715ee, 2014-03-31, 02:23PM CDT

Thank you for that last comment!! You helped me a lot by making sure I cancelled correctly. I just called both the ActiveLite Pure Garcinia Cambogia # that was in my order confirmation email, and the Cleanse FX # in the separate order confirmation email. If you ordered both products through that scam, you have to call both #'s for both "memberships" to be cancelled. Just like the comment above, they offered me a million "deals" cutting the price lower & lower every time. I kept saying "No thanks, I just want to return my product without being billed anything else". After a string of "no's" they finally gave me return instructions.

For ActiveLite Pure Garcinia Cambogia they told me to make it out to that name & this address:

12399 Belcher Rd. Suite #150

Largo, FL 33773

Making sure the order # & RMA # (which they gave me when I called) are clearly printed on the front of the package. It needs to be shipped back within 21 days to avoid additional charges so like the person above commented, get a tracking # from your post office.

Same address & instructions for the Cleanse FX

I also got a confirmation email confirming my membership has been cancelled & I won't be billed any further & got another email with my RMA #.

I also recorded the entire conversation.

Thank you commenter above mine! I hope we dodged this scam. Such a bullshit company. I don't understand how they feel good about taking peoples money like that...asshats.

41a715ee, 2014-03-31, 02:23PM CDT

Thank you for that last comment!! You helped me a lot by making sure I cancelled correctly. I just called both the ActiveLite Pure Garcinia Cambogia # that was in my order confirmation email, and the Cleanse FX # in the separate order confirmation email. If you ordered both products through that scam, you have to call both #'s for both "memberships" to be cancelled. Just like the comment above, they offered me a million "deals" cutting the price lower & lower every time. I kept saying "No thanks, I just want to return my product without being billed anything else". After a string of "no's" they finally gave me return instructions.

For ActiveLite Pure Garcinia Cambogia they told me to make it out to that name & this address:

12399 Belcher Rd. Suite #150

Largo, FL 33773

Making sure the order # & RMA # (which they gave me when I called) are clearly printed on the front of the package. It needs to be shipped back within 21 days to avoid additional charges so like the person above commented, get a tracking # from your post office.

Same address & instructions for the Cleanse FX

I also got a confirmation email confirming my membership has been cancelled & I won't be billed any further & got another email with my RMA #.

I also recorded the entire conversation.

Thank you commenter above mine! I hope we dodged this scam. Such a bullshit company. I don't understand how they feel good about taking peoples money like that...asshats.

21770810, 2014-04-01, 11:42AM CDT

I ordered the cambogia and the cleanse fx. Both of which I will be sending back immediately. But the rep told be the cleanse fx was a one time deal and if I wanted to receive future shipments I had to call them because it was not available for auto-ship. I never receive a separate email from them for the cleanse fx. I'm freaking out about my bank account. My husband would kill me if he knew I ordered this!

41a715ee, 2014-04-01, 12:20PM CDT

^^The phone number that was in my email for Cleanse FX is (888) 608-9756. Try calling that, say you want to cancel your membership, say no to everything they offer you & they should give you am RMA # to return the product with. They're sneaky. They'll say stuff like "I undserdtand (blah blah blah), how about you keep the product for $___ & we'll cancel your membership..." Don't do it. Just keep saying no, and you just want to return the product without being billed anything else. I'm sending mine back today.

21770810, 2014-04-01, 12:59PM CDT

Thank you!

e13f70ed, 2014-04-15, 10:48AM CDT

Just got Active Lite on the telephone. They tell me the product that was shipped for a $5.72 Canadian - cost was for shipping only. NOW they are charging the full cost of the product - here in Canada it is $100.68. Anyone trying the product be aware, there is a 14 day trial and then you are charged for the product. Be careful. Guard you credit information. They will charge you if you don't contact them. By the way their telephone number is 1-888-276-2447.

Clement H., 2014-04-24, 05:29AM CDT

Hello , my name is Clement Hamel and March 2nd I ordered Garcinia cambogia pure and cleansefx . It was a promotion I received a bottle of each product. The following month here what has me load my visa card : P CLEANSE 8554537016GB 03/29/2014 $ 93.82

ENJOY ACTIVE LITE 888-737 - 8927XGB 03.29.2014 and what I was charged on my card mastercard ENJOY ACTIVE LITE 888-737 - 8927X - 888-737-8927 03/29/2014 $ 101.42

I have not received any bottle of any of the two products , I am still waiting to receive them. And on April 16 was still charging me on my visa card CLEANSE P 8,554,537,016 GB 04/16/2014 $ 100.12

ENJOY ACTIVE LITE 888-737 - 8927XGB 04/16/2014 $ 106.68 on my card and mastercard ENJOY ACTIVE LITE - 8927X - 888-737 $ 106.72 04/17/2014

And I still have not received anything once . I would cancel the subscription I have with you for these products on my two credit cards. I give you my private information so you can contact me preferably in French . The samples are made on my visa card Desjardins and another order on my card mastercard mbna . Summarize so I asked to be reimbursed for the products that I never received and you cancelliez my subscription with you.

Clement Hamel and Sophie Tessier

120 st -C?cile

St -pie

J0H 1W0

dd45fc5f, 2014-05-01, 01:45PM CDT

This is the most FRAUDULENT company on the planet! They are evil and should be shut down. Their practices verge on Criminal! My card was charged on randon dates for 94, 94 and then 47 and they would NOT refund the money! THEY ARE CROOKED STAY CLEAR

433634ce, 2014-05-06, 12:17PM CDT

Has anyone contacted authorities? There has to be a way to shut them down. What they're doing can't be legal. I ordered these yesterday and got order confirmation from both. I appreciate all the comments here and will be calling the companies today to cancel; as well as my bank.

41a715ee, 2014-05-06, 02:16PM CDT

It's been just over a month since I cancelled my "membership" & sent both bottles back to the company. While it sucked paying $15 in shipping out of pocket, I haven't been charged anything since & have been monitoring my bank account daily. I hope it stays that way. Good luck everyone!! These guys need to be shut down!!

94fe45f4, 2014-05-08, 10:55AM CDT

Hello I look at the facebook product Garcinia cambogia puree and offer you a free one bottle only pay the shipping and I did only pay $ 4.95 to get the product to me fast. but a week later they told me on the phone offering different product clean for only $ 22.00 and I said no thanks. But what was my surprise 3 days after I made ??a charge on my card for $ 67.95 they speak to the number on the statement and says what the number is disconnected, so I canceled my card will not make me do another post . I had thought he would send another product and did not already spent two weeks plus the pills did not help me in anything that I have not lost weight. It's a lie. I do not recommend this product is a fraud.

64629a67, 2014-05-14, 08:26PM CDT

i bought this crap. got my rma#'s and everything. but seeing as i live in canada my post office, fed ex and what not are refusing to ship unless i have a "prior notice" from the FDA yet these are not FDA material. please help me. i cant figured this shit out.

d686fc6d, 2014-05-22, 01:47PM CDT

je veux canceller et etre rembourser pour les produits active lite weight je vais vous les retourner j en voulais juste 1 mois

drcopela g., 2014-05-27, 05:23PM CDT

these people are full of shit! I ordered both the garcinia cambogia and the active cleanse products under the assumption that I only pay shipping and handling for both products... well lo and behold i see a 89.41 charged to my bank card. I then call the number on order from the garcenia camb ogia and 3 times i get someone who tells me because of my inconvenience of not being able to talk to the people who know longer at that number...i can get shipped a 100 walmart gift card. seriously...i then got on this website and saw the many, many complaints of the same thing happening to person posted a number that i called and finally i got someone who said to me that they could only refund me half of the 89.41, after being on the phone for at least an hr. of them trying to sell me many other deals to keep the product going. i was informed that i had to sit there and listen to him, because "it is his job and our conversation is being recorded" so if i hung up on this asshole, i wouldnt be refunded anything. I asked for a confirmation email stating that no future transactions would be made on my acct and that he was so sorry for my inconvenience but people needed to read the fine print before ordering. well lesson learned, and you wont ever catch me slipping again. these people are bogus vultures who have no conscience and getting rich off all of us who just want to lose weight!

Michael K., 2014-05-28, 12:45PM CDT


These people have to go so low to make money. I filled out a survey and got a free trial on mar 16, 2014. I got my e mail confirmation and I got my bottle. I don't remember seeing 14 day trial(I think by design) and got my 1st invoice $94.36 which I did not know. To my surprise before I took any of the pills, I got another shipment with a copy of the shipping that they will continue to ship me my monthly bottle for $94.36. So, they have ripped me for about $200.00. I called the 877 number and got a third party people to handle all their complaints. I was told to write to Activelite, Suite 150, 12399 Belcher Road, Largo, Florida 3337 to complain.

She said I have closed my account today since I called.

What a scam! Bad company and stoop ;low to make fast money. Low business technique. How do you sleep at night? This is for all that work for this company-Activelte Weight Management in Florida.

359496b5, 2014-06-05, 07:37AM CDT

This was the first charge in a cascade of charges that hit my bank account but not just with them, it was other companies within their "network". At 6:32 am i was asleep and my cell went off informing me of an international transaction on my bank account linked to my debit card. Immediately went online and saw a bunch of charges, went to my email lots of order confirmations. I called the bank disputed the charges and emailed back all the companies fraud. Now they bombard my phone wanting more information about "my online account and orders". My response was very simple as i responded only in writing by email, this is fraud, contacted my bank, cancelled the card, new one was issues and filed a police report, take it up with them.

Jane B., 2014-06-05, 10:32AM CDT

I posted a comment recently but it is not showing up. These people appear to have hijacked my identity. I have a business in the UK and sell health supplements online but I do not do "free" trials and I only accept payment by Paypal so don't have any card details to take further payments. When people contact their banks to complain they get given my telephone number!! I have today reported this to the Police who are going to investigate.

63406601, 2014-06-05, 12:35PM CDT

This is fraud just like everybody body else said. I ordered thie garcinia cambogia and the active cleanse because it was advertised for free trial of 30 days just pay shipping. Well two weeks into the order i get billed from the garcinia company and when i call customer service Marquisha says i cant have a full refund because the terms were stated when they WERE NOT ! Then im trying to call to cancel the active cleanse pills customer service and nobody is there to help me for customer service instead they offer me a walmart gift card !!! Then they get upset because i stated i wanted to speak to customer servive for this company which is BOGUS!!!

520d84f7, 2014-06-05, 09:43PM CDT

I have the same problem. They stole me 2 times 106,87$ CAN and I didn't want to buy nothing...

Solange A., 2014-07-07, 08:38AM CDT

S. Armstrong, 10/06/2014

Bonjour, mon nom est Solange Armstrong,j'ai command? Garcinia cambogia pur et cleansefx le 15 avril . C'?tait une promotion le produit ?tait gratuit sauf les frais de transport, j'ai re?u une bouteille de chaque produit et les frais de transport ont ?t? charg?s sur ma carte de cr?dit Visa comme pr?vu. Le mois suivant, on m'a charger sur ma carte visa: ENJOY PURE GARCINIA 18777806450XX le 09/05/2014 $ 100.07 ($82.61 USD @ 1.1192) ainsi que TRY CLEANSEFX 18556878485 le 09/05/2014 $92.46 ($82.61 USD @ 1.1192). Je n'ai jamais re?u ces 2 produits.

Le 27/05/2014, je suis encore charg? sur ma carte visa pour les 2 m?mes produits. Cependant, j'ai re?u ENJOY PURE GARACINIA 18777806450XX mais je n'ai pas re?u le TRY CLEANSEFX 18556878485 pour un montant de $98.66 cr?tit RBC et annuler l'abonnement que j'ai avec vous . Pour r?sumer, je demande ? ?tre rembours?e pour les produits que je n'ai jamais re?u et canceller mon abonnement avec vous.

Solange Armstrong


G1C 3C4

Michael K., 2014-06-17, 06:47AM CDT

Why cannot the police do something about this kind of crime?

If someone robs me of $200 on the street and everyone else, it will be news by now? Do something if anyone of you have any connections with the law officers or local MP.

359496b5, 2014-06-17, 04:01PM CDT

For everyone here requesting law enforcement contact, it really is going to depend on where you live. If they done to you what they done to me and charged my account without ordering anything from them fraudulently or for any other reason, first step is to file either an online police report with your local police agency, 2 notify the FBI because its also identity theft and three contact your state and federal attorney general so they can begin looking into them. Once they get enough complaints or one of them with enough contacts trust me the cascade will begin and I started here already in San Francisco

5cd94e24, 2014-06-17, 07:02PM CDT

I ordered it! Cancelled it immediately! Glad i did, because i took the whole bottle hoping for some result, felt bloated all the time and green stuff was coming out my bowels.

Solange A., 2014-07-07, 08:45AM CDT

J'annule mon achat de Active Lite Pure Garcinia ainsi que Cleanse FX. Je vous retourne par retour de courrier les derniers items recus et je demande un remboursement.

ee4e1e7a, 2014-07-15, 03:56PM CDT

I'm, 19 and signed up for their product, afterwards I came across this. I tried to call that night, but they didn't open till 10. So 10:00 next morning I tried to cancle but they said they couldn't stop the process and I had to wait till I got the product and she tried to convince me to try it for a week.

She was nice but I wasn't fooled, I knew that I wouldn't get the product till that Monday due to the weekend, and trying it for a week would mean my 14 day period would almost be up and I might forget. So Monday I got the package, but not in time to call them, so I waited till this morning. Once again the girl on the phone was nice, but she is a representative, who can't help but be nice and convincing.

I wasn't going to give in! I talked on the phone for about 30 mins since she tried really hard for me to keep it going. She said to try it for a week again, said all good things about the product, offered me half off.

I stayed calm, but stayed strong on canceling, she said it would cost all together almost $30, to send the stupid thing back, but I said fine, because I don't care I just didn''t want it! Finally she said, she had a best offer, she said that she would give me they're highest discount, which is 70% and charged me 26.99 for the product I have now, and she would completely cancle. She said I would get two emails, one saying they took the money out and the other the canceling confirmation.

I didn't receive ANY email, but I did see the money get taken out of my bank account. I would be more scared but what they don't know is first thing Monday morning I cancled my debit card, ordered a new one which will be sent to me in 2-3 days. I just got to hope they won't take ANYMORE money out of my bank until my card i# is unusable.

Thank you for those comments giving me the idea, they won't be able to get to me without that card, and they can't complain because I cancled before, they are just being scum. THANK YOU, I don't even have a full time job set in stone yet, so taking 89 or 90 dollars out of my account would have bankrupt me, especially if I didn't know when! I am so scared they might do it before my card comes, but it would be on the 7 or 8 day not the 14. I have until the 24th, so I hope my card comes way before then!

1fc219a5, 2014-07-19, 03:25AM CDT

This is a scam, 89.00 was charged to my account as well, 3:30 IN THE MORNING, I just happen to be awake, so I immediately tried to cancel it online it said CANNOT STOP REOCCURRING. This company is a scam. DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS. I'm calling the bank soon as they open.

7e4ff16c, 2014-07-28, 11:53AM CDT

I totally agree this is a SCAM!! I sent for a free sample paying $4.95 for shipping, that was it! No trial period or further purchase! The shipping ended up being $5.95 plus a currency exchange fee. Then 14 days later I get a charge on my account for $83. I kept trying to call them but never got through, and miraculously someone called me back and she said it was a 14 day trial and if I didn't cancel they would charge me for the full cost of the product! Bullsh*t!! I didn't sign up for anything! She said she would cancel any further shipment but I would still be charged for the product. Then finally she said if I sent back the remaining pills, at my cost, when they received it, it would take up to 25 days for the return of $83. Who the hell can afford that amount of money out of their account for two months when we never expected it??!! It's all bullshit and I am so pissed!!

Kim S., 2014-07-28, 07:55PM CDT

I am FURIOUS!!!! I never signed up for any membership - I ONLY ordered the two free bottles and paid for ONLY shipping. A few weeks later - two UNAUTHORIZED charges on my credit cared for $89.00 and $90.00. I can not get through to company. Sick to my stomach. I reported to bank as FRAUD and will see if I can obtain my funds. They have stolen from me.

9428b2c1, 2014-08-15, 09:12AM CDT

what number did you call? because i followed the same ad on Facebook and cant find it now. they charged me the $89.99 TWICE!!! and put my bank account in the neg. BOTH TIMES. so I have to close out my account today!!!

804f5d10, 2014-08-16, 12:50PM CDT

Same problem here. I was the idiot that got trials for both the garcinia and the mango cleanse for $4.95(facebook). Doing my bills this morning is when I noticed pending charges for $77 each. I immediately send a dispute to the bank and called the following #'s: Garcinia 1-877-836-5521 and Mango 1-888-782-7093. The Rep for Garcinia tried to give me a 50% discount going forward...I told her that I could not afford to continue, ad my husband had just been laid off, and I must cancel. She canceled and said I would get an email. The rep for the Mango tried to give me 70% off. I gave her the same story and she canceled and gave me a control # and said I would get an email. So now I wait. I have already alerted my we will see. I will just eat the $155 for now.

44419531, 2014-08-26, 02:49PM CDT

Hi there,

I have no complaints to speak of, however, I see people posting the wrong phone number to speak with a rep. I called them and they corrected my account on the spot, however, I did not do the trial but I bought the bottles. Makes me wonder if that is why everyone is having such horrible issues and I did not O.o Also, if you read the fine print, it does say that after the trail, they will charge your card as auto renewal every 30 days. I called them right away and made sure that was not going to happen with my card, I was advised that for me, it would not, however, if you HAVE done the trail, this WILL happen. The number to call to speak to someone live is 1-888-276-2477 (I saw someone else posted this number but it was incorrect by 1 number) If you also did the coffee stuff, that number is 1-800-467-0776

Good luck to everyone!

7c555b58, 2014-09-02, 04:07PM CDT

I also was scammed by the FB ad stating the bottles were free with $4.95 s/h. I received both the garcinia and the Mango Cleanse, as expected. Then, my credit card statement came, and I had been charged $79.95 for each bottle. I called the customer service number and argued with the representative that I wanted a full refund. She stated that she could not do that because I clicked that I had read the policies. I told her this was criminal and I planned to report the company to my bank, as well as every agency I could find. She then offered 25% discount. I refused, then 50% discount, then 75% discount. I still refused, repeating that this was criminal and they obviously knew it. As I was getting off the phone she said she would try one last time to ask her supervisor for the full refund. No surprise, they say they will give me the full refund. I was calm and nice, but very firm, and didn't give up. We will see in 3-5 business days if they were serious.

kathy, 2014-09-09, 09:12AM CDT

I fell for this scam as well. I clicked a link to get a free bottle with 5.95 shipping. I happen to ck my credit card acct on the day they charged me 79.99. I called to question and was told that I did not cancel within 18 days. It was day 19 from when I ordered. not from when I received the product. i even requested they prorate my "membership" which would have put me owing 2.67 but they could not do that. They said I could return the pills and get a full refund (I had to pay shipping again) but i dont believe I will see the refund. Live and Learn.Did anyone who sent the pills back get their refund?

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