State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company - State Farm and my 2007 BMW 328xi

Posted on Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 1:08pm CST by Christopher B.

Company: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company

Location: 1 State farm drive Concordville, PA 19339


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On October 28th 2013, I was rear ended by a 70 yr old guy in a brand new Buick LaCrosse. The damage was so severe that the truck lid was stuck shut, passenger rear door was buckled, whole quarter panel was twisted and the fuel tank vent system was breached. Many warnings lights was on, parking sensors malfunction, fuel tank system warning, etc. The car wasn?t drivable.

The insurance carrier of the person that rear ended me is State Farm.

I filed a claim thru my insurance company (Esurance) and with State Farm. Esurance claims rep called me back and said he wanted to make sure State Farm is handling this because they?re the party at-fault and is 100% responsible.

While I cannot talk about the injuries I have per my attorney, I will tell you how State Farm handled the repair of my 2007 BMW 328xi.

I brought my car to North State Custom bodyshop in Bedford Hills, NY because they?re trained and certified by BMW to repair their cars. I told them only OEM parts can be used to repair the car. I made it a point that they need to contact me and discuss before repairing the car as I know it doesn?t look good.

A week later I get a message on my answering machine from State Farm saying the car is repairable and it costs aprox $9,000.

I called State Farm back and like expected, no one picked the phone up and they want to have a voicemail left.

Aprox 2 weeks later, more damage was found during disassembly. The bodyshop had to make a supplement twice.

I called State Farm and again no one picked up the phone. I stayed on the line and demanded someone pick up this claim right now.

The lady who read out my claim said my car was flagged for a total loss and it costs $13,600 total for the repairs. She went on to say she doesn?t know why they repaired my car because it was supposed to be a total-loss and she doesn?t know who authorized the repairs.

I told her I need copies of all the documentation and records on this.

She kept telling me she?s not authorized to do that and will have to send me to my claim rep Chona Miller. Her position is total-loss department.

I finally got thru to her and she told me my car is only $900 away from total-loss but it was flagged for a total-loss. She said they use 75% rule to determine if the car is a total-loss.

I told her the car blue book is only 12-13 grand. She tells me they don?t use the ?blue book? way and they have a different system of valuing the car.

I asked her what the car?s value per State Farm is. She told me they value the car at $17,300.

I said why wasn?t it not totaled then??because the damage is severe and there?s frame damage.

She basically stonewalled me at this point and said because it?s only $900 away from total-loss and went on to tell me it didn?t meet the total-loss per the car age and value. Said they?re taking 100% responsibility for this accident and handling this case, thus telling me good luck at this point.

State Farm closed the claim saying there?s nothing they can do about this now.

Esurance has keep their claim open because the problem with State Farm is not resolved.

To date I have not received any copies of documentation and explanation on how they came up with that value of $17,300.

I got a copy of the estimate papers and it shows that recycled and parts from a similar year model is used and new parts are subsuited with aftermarket parts and not all parts are new.

A week later I got a call from my bodyshop saying my car is fixed. It was in the shop for over a month, it needed over 100 manhours to fix it.

I asked them who authorized the repairs because I never gave the go-ahead and the car was supposed to be totaled. They looked at me like they?re in shock.

They told me the State Farm appraiser told them to go ahead and repair the car.

I found out State Farm sent the check directly to the bodyshop, very disappointed no one contacted me about this.

I had to return the rental car and pick up my car, it was close to closing time at the body shop and it was a Friday. The shop told me the car frame had to be pulled back to specs and the damage was so severe that the car that hit me probably did not use any braking.

On the drive home, I hear a whirring noise under the car. Sounds like a wheel bearing or the transfer case. When I go highway speeds, there?s bad vibration. The car never did this before the accident.

I noticed there?s areas of the car that was not repaired to the way it was before the accident, such as the trim on the top of the bumper has a slight curve to it and it wasn?t like that before the accident. Also the gap between the trunk lid and the bumper is bigger than before while the top part of the trunk lid is flush with the quarter panels. The replacement battery they used in the repair of the car is smaller than the OEM battery.

On the morning of January 22nd, I turned the windshield defroster on and made a right turn getting onto the parkway, I heard a cracking noise a few mins later. There?s a long crack on my windshield starting from the bottom of the driver?s side and runs all the way to the bottom of the passenger side up a slight curve. Upon examination of the windshield from the exterior, there?s no impact point or damage that could have caused it to crack.

At this point I?m thinking since the frame was pulled, it stressed out the windshield thus causing it to crack eventually.

I contacted Esurance about this and the claims rep told me they will contact the bodyshop and ask them if they feel the frame pulling has caused this to happen. I know the shop will try to play it down.

I filed a complaint with the Insurance department on this already.

I contacted my insurance (Esurance) and they?re trying to find out who dropped the ball at State Farm. But so far no luck because State Farm is not returning calls. I told them (Esurance) they need to push harder and get State Farm to fix this because the car should?ve been totaled.


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