Nationwide Towing - Rip Off

Posted on Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 9:02pm CST by billy G.

Product: Auto Towing

Company: Nationwide Towing

Location: 49685 Gratiot Ave


Category: Other

Rip off company. This company raises his prices on certain races and never work for him. He is a 21 year old that puts his money in his pocket and yours. He makes you work for him for a month before he pays and then you have to chase him down to get paid. He dispatches by text through your personal cell phone with no compensation for it. If you don't get a text then he calls wanting to yell and cuss you. He wants you to work around the clock and if you get tired he wants to get mad if you need a break. He makes his drivers take customers with them to do other jobs with there car loaded on the truck. You can forget your last check because he will tell you he don't owe you anything that you owe him so he keeps your last check. He only has 1 friend that will work for him the rest will not deal with him as far as full time. I towed one of his friends cars and he said he use to work for him. I asked what happened he just said he can't work for him and i will find out why soon enough. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS GUY HE IS A RIP OFF


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