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Posted on Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 12:11pm CST by ema d.

Company: Bayshore Kitchen and Bath

Location: US

Category: Furniture

Buyer Beware.

These Jerk offs Hired me to post Fake reviews about their company and Hide their bad reputation

IN the end they screwed me too.


Not "family owned and operated" as advertised.

Contractors hired out.

No one would get back to us when we had issues.

Was this review ??


CREATIVE BUILDING & REMODELING OF WARREN, MI. IN MY OPINION THIS IS THE WORSE CONTRACTOR I HAVE EVER DONE BUSINESS WITH IN OVER 40 YEARS. READ THIS REPORT AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION. INSPECTIONS by Mitchell J. Kuffa Jr. & Associates License No. 2101040948 [email protected] 1/29/12 Re: Robert McKinley The writer was asked to visit the above residence, review the past kitchen remodeling project and comment/evaluate same. The writer visited the above residence on 1-17-12, met with the homeowner, reviewed misc. related documents and observed the specified work. The following is applicable. The existing kitchen cabinets were re-surfaced with a plastic laminate on the exterior of the cabinet boxes, appeared to have new drawers and also a new plastic clad "wood grain" doors throughout. In addition, there appears to be a new upgrade Corian countertop along with a new sink, faucet and disposal. There were several shortcomings observed. A. There appeared to be a negative impact to the plastic finish on the upper wall cabinet doors over the range (appeared impacted from heat by the range). B. The Corian backsplash appears to need re-caulking with an appropriate product to minimize mildew/mold build-up in the joints and provide a proper seal where the backsplash meets the wall, top, etc. C. The white backsplash material behind the range is coming loose from the wall. D. Some of the laminate material on the existing cabinet boxes was coming loose in areas (see wall cabinet left of sink, etc.). E. Numerous cabinet doors and drawers need adjustment (doors are sagging and/or loose, do not align properly, stick, do not close, hinges make conspicuous noise, etc.). F. The pantry door does not fit the opening, but overlaps the opening in the wall with a substantial overhang of the new door over the existing opening and the door itself will not stay closed (see E above). G. Some of the end shelving that was added to the existing wall cabinets is secured to the previous end cabinet with screws that completely penetrate the old cabinet side and provide a sharp and hazardous penetration into the cabinet storage area. H. Some of the trim joints do not fit flush, are loose and ill fit. Overall, the finish carpentry work observed appears to be semi-professional and below industry standards. It is the writers opinion that there is probably a specific clearance requirement from a heat source that is specified by the plastic manufacturers specifications and this clearance is being violated by the current installation of the cabinet doors above the range. If that is the case, then to properly correct that specific problem, the entire wall cabinet over the range needs to be re-designed and replaced with proper clearance. As requested, the approximate cost to repair the above are: A. Install new cabinet over the range with proper clearance & heat resistance $ 588 B. Clean out caulking joints & replace with appropriate adhesive/sealant $ 103 C. Remove & re-secure laminate behind range (repair wall & replace laminate if necessary) $ 187 D. Re-seal loose cabinet laminate where necessary $ 178 E. Re-adjust doors & drawers & replace malfunctioning hardware where necessary $ 386 F. Replace pantry door assembly to properly fit existing opening $ 346 G. Re-secure end shelving with appropriate fasteners $ 81 H. Replace perimeter crown mold with properly fit joints $ 224 Sincerely, Mitchell J. Kuffa Jr. Cc: Mckinley 2063 300 COMING SOON TO YouTube A COMPLETE VIDEO OF THIS KITCHEN.


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