McCord's Vancouver Washington Toyota - Cheats Customers On DMV Fees

Posted on Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 6:34pm CST by Harold T.

Product: Toyota truck

Company: McCord's Vancouver Washington Toyota

Location: 10455 NE 53rd St


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

It is a good idea to check the reputation, credentials, integrity and professionalism of any auto dealer before doing business.

This will tell you if they will keep their word.

This is a short story about the sales tactics employed by Mccords Vancouver Toyota.

If you are looking for a professional Toyota dealer always do your homework before you buy.

Take your time and read all of the reviews.

I purchased a used Toyota truck during 2012 from world famous McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota located at 10455 NE 53rd St in beautiful Vancouver, WA 98662 (360) 944-3001.

My first complaint is lack of financial honesty.

While I was waiting to pay for and take possession of the used Toyota vehicle Snake part of their professional management team moved in to extract a little more blood.

Snake Loveham advised me that the standard DMV fees would be $292.50.

I naturally protested and pointed out that I had a good unexpired Oregon registration and license plates which could easily be transferred for about $35 dollars.

Snake Loveham is a synonym for his real name. Go to the main lobby and yell Snake Loveham as loud as you can and check the reaction you get.

My mistake. Snake Loveham asked me if I trusted him. I told Snake that trust is earned. Snake stated he and McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota were honest and McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota would cheerfully refund all money that was unused.

Based on Snakes personal guarantee I reluctantly paid the $292.50 fully expecting McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota to refund approximately $260.00 since this amount was unearned according to the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles..

My complaint is simple McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota did not keep their word. McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota transferred my existing Oregon plates and registration, sent me a check for $102 and cheated me out of $155.

Here is the simple math $292.50 minus $35 Oregon DMV fees for the transfer of the existing registration minus $102 which McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota refunded leaves $155.50 that McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota pocketed.

I hope this answers any questions you have regarding McCords Vancouver Toyotas integrity. Do you see why you should read all of those reviews?

I emailed Snake Loveham to get his side of this problem. I was not surprised that he neglected to respond to my emails. I called Snake Loveham up and Snake stated that he would look into it.

A year has come and gone and McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota has not refunded my money. Now I am not trying to suggest that Snake Loveham or McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota are dishonest.

You will have to be the judge of McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota corporate honesty. I expected them to make some money on the deal. That is why McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota is in business.

The issue is McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota did not keep their word. If they lie about the DMV fees what else are they lying about?

And this is a big problem as new and used car dealers have questionable reputations in this department.

Whenever you purchase a new or used Toyota or any other brand get all assurances and guarantees in writing. If the automobile dealer is unwilling to formalize all assurances and promises in writing we suggest you politely walk away.

For my part I can assure you that the facts as depicted in this critical review are truthful and very accurate. What leverage if any do consumers have over any type of dealership dishonesty?

Consumers vote with their wallets. Typically businesses that demonstrate any type of institutional dishonesty typically get voted out of business. It is all about their credentials. It is as simple as that.

If you have your heart set on a new or used Toyota car or truck there are twelve Toyota dealers in the Portland Oregon metropolitan area. Do not be lazy read those reviews.

Before purchasing any new or used Toyota vehicle I suggest you carefully check their reputation, references and complaints. Sweet dreams. Do not let your new or used car buying experience turn into a nightmare.

I like to be fair with everybody that I do business with. After a year of waiting my patience has run out. It is crystal clear that McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota is not going to keep their word and give my money back.

The most important asset any business has is their reputation. I am not suggesting you completely avoid McCords Vancouver Toyota. Always research all business complaints first before you finalize the deal.

In the United States Federal and Superior courts once someone is caught lying the court assumes that everything they said is a lie. It is a very good idea to always stick to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That way Vancouver Washington Toyota will not get confused trying to remember all their lies.

Since all Toyota Dealers follow the Official Toyota Cookie Cutter Marketing Program I do not know if you would save any money or gat a better deal at Broadway or Gresham. Is Broadway the only way? According to Broadway it is.

I want to commend the Reputation Management Experts at Vancouver Washington Toyota for burying this review. It takes a lot of money, internet expertise and hard work to neutralize those negative reviews.

I was not impressed with those glowing Google reviews. A little Astroturfing some False Endorsements and they are good to go.

Come on do you really believe Oliver Lunar, Sandy Lovitz and Victor Cox actually wrote reviews? How gullible does Vancouver Washington Toyota think we are? I suggest Victor change his name to Harold so you can get the feel of their deception.

If Vancouver Washington Toyota would only take a short course on business ethics, integrity and customer loyalty they could save a lot of their time and the customers money.

My second complaint is the rude unprofessional decorum their service department exhibited.

What can you expect from McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota Service Department? Check out my maintenance experience.

Vancouver Toyota claims they did a pre delivery oil change. I called to inquire the viscosity and whether they used synthetic or conventional motor oil in my used truck.

A very simple maintenance question.

Jaime answered the telephone. Jaime mocked me saying ?do you really expect us to know the viscosity and whether it was synthetic or conventional motor used for your oil change??.

Yes I do Jaime. Proper maintenance is important to most Toyota owners.

I do not know how they do an oil change in Mexico but a Professional Toyota Service Department would provide a polite respectful answer to their customers.

All Jaime had to do was check the national service history for the oil change or other maintenance questions. The motor oil information should be noted.

His unwillingness to answer the oil change and motor oil questions is a very bad maintenance sign.

An oil change is as simple as it gets. This answers the credentials question. This amateur response also clarifies how professional McCords Vancouver Toyota Service Department really is.

If you decide to take your Toyota to Vancouver Toyota for an oil change or routine maintenance please let me know how you maintenance service experience turns out.

I suggest you spell out in simple English the type of motor oil, viscosity, synthetic or conventional so it is crystal clear to them.

My best advice is to bring your own motor oil. I suggest you write you name on each of the motor oil containers.

The only way you can guarantee that your motor oil is fresh is DIY. Simple DIY oil change maintenance is the only guaranteed way to be sure what motor oil is in your engine. If you want something done right DIY.

Money saving oil change coupons are a great deal. That is if the coupons are for a top rated premium motor oil. If the oil change coupons are for recycled reprocessed motor oil how great a deal is that?

Everybody is looking for those lube express specials. Are lube express specials featuring used recycled motor oil really that special? Lube express specials means fast and sloppy.

Make sure you understand the fine print before agreeing to any lube express specials.

Toyotas recommended service intervals and procedures will extend the life of your vehicle without unnecessary expense.

Familiarize yourself with your Toyota owners manual. Service advisors are commissioned salesman. They do not have any technical background. Do not purchase unnecessary service.

Always follow Toyotas recommended service interval. If your Toyota Dealer does not want to follow Toyotas recommended service interval or procedures move on.

Take control. Read the work order carefully before signing. Avoid any Toyota Dealer that does not want to follow Toyotas recommended service interval or procedures.

If anybody at McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota says trust me, just say you do that is why you need all of their promises and guarantees in writing.

Always count your fingers after you shake hands. This is your personal anti complaints security package.

Check the dealers reputation, integrity, credentials and professionalism with your family and close friends. These are the real experts that will not lie to you.

They should provide the answers to your questions. Always check the dealers integrity before you give them your money or finalize the deal.

If you are looking to save money with a red hot auto deal and you live in northern Oregon or southwest Washington purchase your new or used Toyota from a Toyota dealer that you trust.

I can guarantee all readers McCords Vancouver Washington Toyota did not write this review. Real savings is a deal you can trust.

My best advice to all Toyota Dealers is never cheat your customers.

Staying honest will save your Toyota dealership the hassle of hiring expensive Reputation Management Experts to write phony reviews.


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