Mediatemple - Complaint on the server service provider - Mediatemple

Posted on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 at 1:57am CST by Vivek a.

Product: Mediatemple Server

Company: Mediatemple



Category: Computers, Software

We have faced the worst face of Mediatemple in the past 5 months. Our server websites have been hacked for 5 times in 5 months. Mediatemple simply says, it is not their responsibility, Advises us to change unpredictable passwords frequently and not to use easily acquirable scripts. But, we are changing the passwords frequently and we are using the same scripts which we are using in their dedicated virtual server which is working fine. Now they have locked our Grid Server for the past 48 hours. They gave a list to remove some files in order to activate our server. When we did that and informed them, again they sent another set of list and asked us to remove. That also we did. Now, again they have sent a list, where the files they have mentioned are all uploaded by us just 10 minutes before they deactivated our server. That too those files are freshly designed / scripted (eg., logo, home page) by us and uploaded.


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