M H Acceptance corporation - predatory lender

Posted on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 at 4:22am CST by Doug M.

Product: mobile home lender

Company: M H Acceptance corporation

Location: 118 s. second st
ELKHART, IN, 45616, US

URL: mhacceptance.com

Category: Real Estate

I purchased a mobile home through these rip off artists. When we bought our home, we were initially told that it was a 1997 model only to find out later that it was a 1992, 5 years older then we agreed to purchas.We were also promised a payment book when we signed the 1 and only document that they provided us with. Well we never received a payment book or a monthly billing statement. then after 8 years of living here, I started to notice bad repairs that were made just to cover up damage, but not actually fix the problems. Like they painted over Black Mold instead of cutting the infected area out and replacing it. I have also been requesting documents like a monthly billing statement and a 1098 E interest statement for the last 8 years, all request have met with a flat out refusal, telling me that they are a financial lender not a mortgage company so they are not required to provide me with those documents so I refused to pay my trailer payment until I received them. Then the documents that they sent me were merely typed numbers on company letter head. They were not the properly formatted documents that the Truth in Lending act requires a lending institution to supply to the borrower. They also own the trailer park that we live in. For 6 of the last 8 years that my family has lived here, we have had to deal with a raw sewage leak. The sewage has been flowing freely across our lot to the point that my family can not even enjoy spending time out in our yard. I have reported them 3 times to the health department and I am still refusing to make my payment until I receive the proper documentation. Up until last month we made our payment every month and now I welcome the chance to go to court. Here at my trailer park I have started a petition to file a class action law suit against MH Acceptance corporation which is their new name for their predatory lending practices. They changed it in 2011 but didn't tell us until last year. I would welcome anyone who would like to join in on this action. You are welcome to join even as a car buyer. After reading all the posts about this company, they cheat everyone. Preying on the less fortunate and I want them stopped. I am still looking for an attorney but the more people that want justice the more lawyers will want to jump on this case. Contact me via this site if you are interested.

They also treat their customers as the proverbial trailer trash! They are cheep, exposing their trailer park residents to unsafe and unhealthy conditions. For almost 7 years I have had raw sewage flowing freely across my lot. I have reported them to the Berrien county health department twice, they have temporarily repaired this problem 5 times. The repairs last for about 2 to 3 months then the sewage starts flowing again. I first found out about this problem when a beloved pet dog got into the sewage, i immediately washed the dog but it was too late, she ingested some and died about 2 weeks later. Also they seem to refuse to plow the snow. just in the last 2 days 9 residents have been stuck on their roads. Both my vehicles are included in the 9 and 1 of my vehicles is a full size 4x4 pickup.


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Diane L., 2015-08-26, 02:55PM CDT

You and I need to talk. I am in CT. and filed complaint after complaint with DCP (they handle mobile home law in CT). The whole thing is a scam and is happening in parks everywhere in US and Canada. No one in Gov will help for they are all connected; believe me I know.

We need to get someone like 60 minutes to investigate. This is HUGE Government corruption /BIG business scam! Be careful.

Melissa W., 2015-02-12, 09:42AM CST

I also Rent/ Purchase a home from them in Evansville, IN. It is simply a get people in and move them back out situation. I also have requested an monthly Statement and 1098 they refuse to give Me anything. I do not understand how they are above the law. I know this is a personal loan and not a mortgage so they should have to provide something like a rent to own company does or even a car payment. I do believe they just was to resell every home and never allow anyone to acquire home ownership..

I am beyond frustrated and refuse to give up a home i have invested so much money into remolding and repairs!!

Amber P., 2015-03-11, 07:38PM CDT

LI also purchased a trailer and didnt realize they just bandaged all the repairs up. 3 months after moving in we saw that the wood was rotting out when it rained it was leaking through. Outside they just painted black mold. Had a bunch of plumbing problems and the plumbers went under and told us all the pipes had to be replaced since there not in code and were placed wrong. Now I cant use my sinkhave rotting wood and black mold from pipes leaking. We were told we cant move without paying MH $3000 or credit will be ruined. They were very rude and unprofessional. We offered to give them $500 or nothing at all this place isnt worth the time or repairs. There have been so many hazards here and with sewage backing up in our bath tub. I have 2 small children and this is disgusting to go through and unsanitary!

Sally D., 2015-04-03, 12:47PM CDT

I am also purchasing a trailer from this company. There numerous items that have to get fixed including black mold in the walls. They continue to make excuses and appointments that they never keep. I also have electrical problems. I just discovered the outside water spigot leaks like a sieve. Im really tired of this. They make promises they can't keep. I get a water bill that is due a week before I actually get the bill. One of the bills had amounts whited out and hand written in. I am really getting sick of this company. I have offered for them to get the materials and I will fix it they just ignore me. The manager of this park is incompetent. I just found out they just spent $30,000 on more trailers that they bought from FEMA for this park alone. I am totally disgusted and have written them a letter stating that I will not pay another dime until the repairs have been made. And yes they treat me like I'm a tenant instead of a home buyer. They are too cheap to hire competent office help or management. I have been lied to on so many occasions that I have lost count.

37a15a4b, 2015-05-08, 01:58PM CDT

I have been buying my home for the last three years now and we have gone through five managers and a lot of maintenance workers , the park is falling apart the roads are sinking and they use cold pack to try and fix it, most the lots fill with water to swamp status when it rains , a few drives were sinking so bad that if you pulled your vehicle in it would sink and leave ruts, sewage leak so bad the health department had to come out , but still no help. Over priced water bills , being charged sewage on a septic tank , roads are not wide enough as stated in the indiana by lines for a trailer park. Management don't give out proper receipts then try to charge you for a late fee even if you show you have paid . Dumpsters not big enough for population of trailer cort , won't take care of issues of lots when it's problems like sinking land, driveway needing repair , or concreat patio needing repair. My trailer sunk about three inches so it ruined my back skirting but they want to fine me for it . And that's just the out side stuff. Briair Ridge mobile home park is the biggest rip off you can find around here you think you are on your way to home ownership but really they suck you in and take you for all you have. And what's worse is the contract you promis too states you are not alowed to sue them but they can evict and sue you. I can't find a lawyer around here to even talk to about this . Or even a city member about the state of the park . I wish I had some one who can answer my concerns .

Sally D., 2015-05-25, 09:39AM CDT

Something needs to be done about this company. I have noticed that their corporate structure is suspect they change the name of the company but it is all the same. Heritage acceptance, MHhome, Mh acceptance. It is all the same company. I think they are doing it to prevent a law suit. The people who own the property are the bank that finances the trailers. There is something really underhanded going on. I believe that this is more than a local issue. I think it is a Federal Issue. I live in Pensacola and there are 2 parks here. We actually have 3 pedophiles that live in this "family friendly park" They just arrested a meth cooker that lives half a block from me and was their employee and actually had keys to our trailer. (we changed the locks) Anyone out there has any info let me know. I will research this company and see what I can find out. Something needs to be done.

37a15a4b, 2015-05-26, 05:58PM CDT

Try looking here Sally D.


Sally D., 2015-05-26, 09:03PM CDT

Yet another name, Landmark. I am going to start a home owners association in this park. Lots of people in this park have the exact same complaints as I do. I found a facebook page you all might want to look at


7c02e89e, 2015-08-04, 05:45AM CDT

We also rent to own from these same con artist in Madison, Indiana having same problems they refuse to fix anything I have cold and other health issues we have sewage problems ac and heating issues and they're using paper between the breakers they cut our main power supply and than spliced it back together something needs to be done.

8404ccd7, 2015-08-26, 01:05PM CDT

Same issue as the rest of u I have black mold floors rotting and much much more they won't fix these problems were like this when I moved in to the dump looking for resolution maybe everyone should get together and do something I also live in the one in madison indiana

Melissa W., 2015-08-26, 02:02PM CDT

Maybe we all need to file a Class Action Lawsuit. I am 100% sure the fact they refuse to give a receipt is against the law in Indiana ,Anything you purchase Acar, Rent to own, ETC , has to provide a receipt ..

Diane L., 2015-08-26, 03:01PM CDT

I have been researching these people for three years please call 203-488-6698

Sally D., 2015-08-27, 08:28AM CDT

Diane L

email me at [email protected]

I totally agree I would like to know what you found out. This whole thing is so suspect to me.


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