Kurz Law Group - Disloyal, Unethical/ No sense of Fiduciary Duty to Clients

Posted on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 at 3:31pm CST by April S.

Product: Dennis Kurz Attorney at Law

Company: Kurz Law Group

Location: 1936 N. Druid Hills Rd. NE Suite 100B Atlanta, GA> 30319
ATLANTA, GA, 30319, US

URL: www.kurzlawgroup.com

Category: Law, Civil Rights

I cannot even begin to detail my issues with Mr. Dennis Kurz. He was hired to represent me on a breach of warranty issue with a brand new vehicle I purchased from Nissan, that had been in the shop almost two dozen times over a two year period ~ to which NO ONE could tell me what was the cause of the mechanical failures(s).

Not only did he fail to represent me properly (he was thrown out of my court because of his failure to meet the Texas attorney guidelines to be found fit to litigate in Texas Federal Court) but when sanctions hearings were announced regarding attorney malfeasance, he sent an e-mail to an attorney that was FRIENDLY with the defense counsel in which he made FALSE STATEMENTS and leaked CONFIDENTIAL information in my case to the OPPOSING COUNSEL FOR THE DEFENSE, to save him from being sanctioned or having his license suspended! The end result was ALL my previous settlement awards of almost more than $16k were instead awarded to the defense counsel (which Mr. Kurz had made a deal with to keep his license from being suspended)and his blatantly false e-mail was entered as evidence into my case, hindering the appeal moving forward.

I hired this person to represent ME ~ not the defense. He has no sense of Fiduciary duty, no concept of Attorney / Client Privilege and no sense of loyalty to his clients WHATSOEVER. Its hard enough trying to find justice in a courtroom as it is. How can anyone find justice when your OWN ATTORNEY sabotages you?


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