Buffalo Wild Wings - Buffalo Wild Wings Refused Confirmed Party of Little Leaguers

Posted on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 at 9:16pm CST by Jan S.

Company: Buffalo Wild Wings


URL: buffalowildwings.com

Category: Food

The Mississippi Jr. Riverkings Jr. Hockey team (seven year olds) had confirmed party reservations at the University Drive location of Buffalo Wild Wings. The confirmation was made a week in advance, and one hour prior to the team arrival. The little leaguers were celebrating their first traveling tournament.

Upon arriving at the location, the manager turned the entire team away - all 14 seven year olds and their parents. They did not apologize, did not offer to accommodate, or offer an explanation.

Later, when corporate manager Carter May in Huntsville was contacted to determine if Buffalo Wild Wings wanted to make a gesture toward the children to rectify the situation, Mr. May indicated "nothing". Corporate in Minnesota refused telephone calls.


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