Kingspoint Condo LLC - Worst Landlord

Posted on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 at 6:02pm CST by 7c75754e

Company: Kingspoint Condo LLC

Location: 8011 Easthaven Blvd
HOUSTON, TX, 77034, US

Category: Real Estate

If you are considering renting from Alan Tran and his daughter, Rachel Tran who owns Kingspoint Condo LLC, run as fast as you can. My wife and I rented an apartment in 2012 from him and our stay has been nothing short of living in hell. Ever since we stay there, there has been two major water leaks, the kitchen sink hasn?t been working and other major problems that I won?t go into detail here. We had to live in a hotel for a couple of days since he took his time to fix the problems.

He indicated that it was the association job to fix my apartment and not his. As a landlord, it is his job to keep the apartment in a safe and livable condition which he fail to do so. I contacted him regarding us moving out and he agreed that we could move out and break our lease and get our deposit back due to the many problems with the apartment.

Now it has been over a month now and we haven?t received our deposit. If anyone has similar problems with Alan Tran, please let me know so we can join together and fight this slum landlord. He and his family many business including Kingspoint Condo LLC and Best Grinding Services.

Alan Tran and his greedy family owns a huge house in Pearland due to ripping people off. Most of his tenants are poor immigrants and are afraid to speak out.


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