- bait and switch

Posted on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 at 6:08pm CST by 6cbf9236


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We recently purchased an item from the website. We first received an e-mail stating that the item was no longer available but then received a 2nd e-mail notifying us that the item would ship from We assumed that Sears switched suppliers. I called Sears customer service to question this and was told,"you can't cancel your order but don't worry - if you don't like it you can just return it." Unfortunately, the item received was NOT the item we originally ordered. We were notified that the item could be returned and we would not be charged shipping fees since the product was not what was pictured on the Sears website. We then received a call from customer service informing us that a return shipping label would be sent to us and informed us that we had 30 days from the date of ORDER to return the item for a refund. First of all, the item was not even shipped to us until 3 weeks after the order date, the shipping label was never sent to us, AND we received an e-mail stating that we would be charged approx $8 for the shipping label - all because they did not send the item that was pictured on the website!!! Sears customer service said it's not their problem since they have nothing to do with 3rd party vendors. We didn't order from a 3rd party vendor - we ordered from sears and we were not given a choice of suppliers or an opportunity to cancel or change our order. They simply told us our order was "on its way from" When we ordered from we were not informed that a 3rd party was involved, nor were we given the option to cancel our order or even see what was ordered from them on our behalf. This is very bad business and the equivalent of a bait and switch. Show us one picture, order something different on our behalf, and take no responsibility for it.


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