Samsung - Samsung Technical Support is TERRIBLE

Posted on Sunday, January 19th, 2014 at 11:51am CST by 3cf2fbd1

Product: SCX-4623FW

Company: Samsung

Location: 85 Challenger Road


Category: Computers, Software


Bought wireless MFC printer #1 brand new. Wireless would not work if trying to print wirelessly after it's being sitting for an hour of idle time. Technical Support did not know how to make any changes or repairs or configuration setting. Support had me drive 46 miles round trip nearest repair center to deliver BRAND NEW Printer for repairs. Samsung refused to pay for delivery to a repair center for their brand new, under warranty product. So far, time spent 20-25 hours of my effort and 1.5 weeks so far "BROKEN".

Repair center worked on printer #1 for 1-2 weeks, I picked it up (another 46 miles), still would not get connected wirelessly to print after idling over night. Returned printer #1 to repair center. Repair center worked some more along with Samsung Technical support and all together they could not even determine how or what was not working on it. I requested a new printer #2. They shipped printer #2 to repair center and I drove another 46 miles to pick it up but before I did that I had service confirm that it worked. It did NOT print wirelessly after I require them to wait overnight and check if it. So, they replaced a wireless card in Printer #2 and changed another setting - of some type - on the printer or network. It seemed to work letting it sit overnight so I picked it up the next day and it has worked fine since.


AT&T changed my wireless router to make sure my TV is working fine and network is at max speed w/ same model router. Immediately after changing the router the Samsung MFC printer along a Brother MFC printer stopped communicating as per the same symptoms when I originally received the printer in 2012. The MFC Brother printer connected fine after I configured it for the new router. Samsung, after another 10 hours on phone and working on settings with Samsung Tech Support - just like before with this same printer s/n - it would not connect wirelessly after sitting for more than an hour. They said to just go pay to get it repaired. To this day it still doesn't work wirelessly - again.

1-14 through 1-17-14:

I spent another 10-12 hours on the phone on hold, talking to support, trying to do the same settings that other support personnel have done. NOTHING to FIX the Problem. I'm HUGELY ANGRY. Brother, HP, NEVER treated customers (ME) this way.

Then, Samsung does what they are well known for - they tell you to go away. Then hang up on you. This "Help" is repeated with the Galaxy Product line as I've had 6-7 Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, 2 Note 2, 1 Note 3 phones - ALL had Painful problems that Samsung's answer was ALWAYS - 100% of the time - R E S E T. That's right they tell me to RESET. I did that "solution" several times because they did not want to help me any more with no improvement in any of these resets. ALL SAMSUNG DEFECTIVE DEVICES.

Great Engineering.

TERRIBLE, Nightmarish Quality.

-- You Have Been Warned --


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