JM Motors - Selling cars with bad engines, bad transmissions and frame damage

Posted on Sunday, January 19th, 2014 at 9:22pm CST by Tyrell P.

Product: Used Car Sales

Company: JM Motors

Location: 6070 Boulder Hwy
LAS VEGAS, NV, 89122, US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

If your reading this run as far away as you can from this place. If you've already been screwed there is a lawyer I'm talking to named George West, he is planning my lawsuit now and finding others, I'm going to take these pieces of crap down.

So, to the living h***...

I came into some money from my parents after they died. I know its not a great idea but I've always wanted a 7 series and work very hard. I made the decision to buy one after a very difficult couple of years.

I shopped around and found JM motors in las vegas. They had one I liked, it looked great. I didn't know much about cars and wanted to take it to a mechanic, the mechanic I usually use was on vacation so I made the mistake of buying it anyways. I paid cash, filled out my paperwork and left.

I'm driving home and feel a weird yank when I'm driving it, very un BMW like. I get home and the car is smoking. I call JM motors asap and talk to a guy named Vinny who tells me to bring it in tomorrow, they will handle it.

I go in the next day and they tell me its fixed and I can go. I head home and the same thing is happening, my mechanic was back in town at that time so I stopped there. He comes out and asks me where I got the car, I tell him, he looks sick. He then tells me that the car has been wrecked, bad, has a bad engine and a bad transmission. I couldn't believe my ears, how can every single part on a car be bad?!

I called JM to talk to the owner,John Maietta, he is busy. I call again, and again and again. No return call or answer. I go in 3 times. Finally when they see I wont give up he comes out and tells me I'm an owner... oh my god.

They litterally took something that was supposed to take me out of my depression and make me feel better about myself and crushed me. I seriously feel like killing myself or them some days. I'm filing a lawsuit against them as I write this. I don't even care about the money I want to put them out of business. Apparently this 1 lawyer has multiple clients against this EXACT same owner. Go figure...


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