macs perfofmance - charter cable

Posted on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 at 5:30pm CST by mark m.

Product: charter cable suckjs

Company: macs perfofmance

Location: US

Category: Products, Services

charter cable in south lake Tahoe sucks gay cock, there service is beyond bad . system freezes, installed with no ground .channels appear but not available,I switch channels but screen says not available

,low / no volume to tech support in Philippines

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norman r., 2014-12-11, 08:19PM CST

Charter is very aware of the problem in South Lake Tahoe..... They are unwilling to fix the overload issue that causes problems during holidays and peak hours I have got the problem from the third tier No competition Poor service Republicans seem to think that Business will regulate itself and improve in a area of no competition This is a perfect example of the opposite

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