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I have been trying for months to sign up for health insurance. Finally today I signed up and 3 hours of hair pulling later cannot get insurance. First they could not verify who i was and said i had to contact the credit bureau with the provided code and the credit bureau verified me. I logged back into and my entire application and all the fields were empty. After I filled it out again I kept getting error messages and got one that said they could not verify my identity when i had just got off the phone and verified it and the credit bureau. 3 hours into this disaster the site starts giving me error messages and I got logged out. On the error page it gave me a number to call so i called the number and a woman answered. I told her I had been trying for three hours and got an error message but there was no Id number next to where it said Application ID. I then heard her disconnect me from the phone call. Without saying anything like sorry we can't help you instead she said nothing and just hung up on me.

After 12 years of pulling the democrat handle when I vote Democrat across the board this next election I am pulling the Republican handle across the board because voting democrat was a big mistake. Never again. I blame all of this on the President I voted for and I actually emailed him after i got off of and could not get insurance. Very sad situation Mr Obama has caused millions of people. I will end up paying cash for my annual checkup and everything else and then the government will fine me for not having insurance because the website is so messed up I could not get approved. I think the american public has been punished enough and now guys like me will get fined and I have been trying for 3 months in good faith to sign up but now I give up.


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linda a., 2014-01-27, 06:26PM CST

i have been trying to get healthcare from since november so far i called 10 times and got nowhere they say im enrolled but when i call nj family care they dont have me on file and they keep saying they will call me with the correct info and the case worker will file a complaint and call me but i have never gotten a call from them--what a farce thank you mr obama, your inexperience is showing. millions of tax payors dollars for this website and no one knows what they are doing or suppose to be doing.

TheACAMarketPlaceS A., 2014-03-10, 01:03PM CDT




4d41a890, 2014-03-13, 11:01PM CDT

I've been trying to login to for a couple of months. They reset my password (a couple of times now)and gave me a temporary password. I login to without a problem and it sends me directly to a reset password screen, where I'm supposed to enter my userid and temporary password, in addition to whatever new password that I choose. On the reset password screen, it does not recognize the temporary password that I just logged into with. They entered my paper application into their system and there is supposedly a list of policy plans I'm eligible for. They have a software bug that is probably pretty easy to fix, but I can't seem to convince them to fix it. Note that one of the phone representatives got permission to use my userid and temporary password to login to their system and he got exactly the same results I did. In defense of the representatives, they've been very courteous and have tried to fix my problem (but I still can't login to their system and see the plans I'm eligible for).

48b6992d, 2014-03-14, 12:14AM CDT

Anyone who is still having issues should just go directly to blue cross of the health insurance provider of your choice and sign up. That is what I did after months of the failure of a website. is quite possibly the worse website ever designed and shold be noted as such in the Library of Congress

0f97b17a, 2014-07-24, 08:50AM CDT

Here is the Appeal letter I sent to the Marketplace several weeks ago. So much more has happened since the appeal, I need to sum it up first. I am just sick and frustrated more than I could ever express. First, after all of the grueling weeks and finally getting OK'ed to have insurance through BCBSNC beginning July 1st, I paid my premium and then received ID cards from BCBSNC showing my effective date beginning August 1st. In the midst of trying to get that corrected, I received a letter from the marketplace indicating my July 1st coverage date was denied because I didn't meet the criteria for the SEP. Really? What part of "I LOST MY COVERAGE JUNE 30th" are these idiots missing? The site "thinks" that because someone in my household is eligible for employer coverage, I should be too. As of yesterday, July 23, 2014, BCBSNC corrected my effective date back to July 1st and they applied the premium already paid to the month of July. So basically I paid $445 to have coverage July 23-July 31. Prior to this, it was still showing August 1st in their system and I couldn't use it.

I had an "Appeal Appointment" yesterday with the Marketplace, not to be confused with an Appeal Hearing. They were supposed to call at 12:30 EST. I blocked an hour out in my schedule because they said it would take that long. By 12:41, no call, so I called them. Had someone on the phone to help and she asked me all of the same questions already asked a gazillion times and answered. How much income for your family of 4, do you children have income (no, they are seven), what are the birthdates, and can you send us all of your W2's, 1099's, etc? Oh my goodness. I had to explain that all of that was sent with the appeal and everything asked should be available in my file. My favorite question was, "Do you expect any bonuses in 2014 such as winning the lottery or a lump sum from work?" If I wasn't already so frustrated, I would've laughed hysterically. Yes morons, I expect to win the lottery. Wow! What I need is an attorney with a set of kahunas that's willing to join me in a suit against the president and the government. Any takers?

Marketplace is more interested in whether anyone uses tobacco in my family than they are if I'm a legal resident. Wonder if they ask Obama about the tobacco use? First, the answer is no, but more importantly, it's none of their business. The rest of my family is covered at my husband's job, so it really doesn't matter if they use tobacco, does it?

So here's the appeal. It sets out the unbelievable path in an attempt for "every American to get affordable healthcare coverage." What a joke. Oh, and one more thing...apparently there is a fine print on the income levels for a family of 4...if you're "entire" family isn't enrolled through the marketplace, you probably won't be eligible for a premium tax credit or subsidy, even if you meet the income requirements. Wow Obama, can we say "serious socialistic control issues."

Date: June 25, 2014

Re: Appeal Request Addendum

First, I should start by thanking the President of the United States for the pain, suffering and extreme frustration he has created for many Americans. It would be so nice to know what he and his family have gone through to get health coverage. Obviously the answer to that is laughable because we know he just has it and doesn?t have to go through any turmoil to be eligible for the best kind of care. I can say with certainty that it has been a complete nightmare for my family and I.

Earlier this month, I found out that I would no longer be covered under my husband?s employer plan. Since the changes in the health care laws, the Town of (redacted) finds it more cost effective to drop all spouses from the group plans. I?m a stay at home mom, blessed with seven year old twins, and I work two part-time jobs from home to supplement our income. Additionally, I homeschool our children. My husband is a law enforcement officer, so you and I both know unless you?re Secret Service guarding the life of man qualifying for impeachment, then it?s not a get rich profession. He doesn?t do it for the money, he does it because of his love for the profession and the people. I don?t have the luxury as some do with homeschooling?I have to work.

When I found out I would no longer be covered under my husband?s plan effective July 1, 2014, I started trying to figure out how this all worked. A couple of weeks ago, I tried completing an application online through the marketplace so that I could get coverage. What a daunting task. I was almost complete with the first, then the system kicked me out. After a few more tries, I finally got it to take. Unfortunately, the marketplace returned a message and said they couldn?t verify my identity?and asked me to ?upload documents.? However, it didn?t specify what documents to upload. I figured if they had my social and couldn?t verify my identity, then surely a social security card would be useless?.right?

I then found an agent to help me, but I had to wait for him to return from vacation. It was disheartening to hear that in just the last couple of months, he had been on vacation in Georgia, Myrtle Beach, was able to afford sending his daughter to camp in New York, and was joining her there the following week. It seems insurance agents can make up to $70,000.00 in just a few months of work and then they have the luxury of vacationing a great deal. His words, not mine. The agent typed in my application again while I was on a conference call, but entered incorrect information, so I ended up having to change it. He said with our income around $80,000.00 combined, I would probably be eligible for the plan I chose (Blue Cross Blue Shield Gold Value 1000) for under $300. The plan price is $445.00 without a premium tax credit. Unfortunately, to get decent coverage without having to be royally overwhelmed with astronomical deductibles, potentially with the ability to ruin my family even more so financially than we already are, I chose that plan.

Guess what? That?s what I?m having to pay. $445.00 for a monthly premium. Wow! And the marketplace says we?re not eligible for help paying that. Amazing. Did I mention our combined income is around $80,000? We?re a family of four. Did you read your own information posted on the website? Here you go?Incomes that qualify for lower premiums chart?.that is the marketplace subtitle. It shows that we ?may? qualify for lower premiums or lower out of pocket if our income is between $23,550.00 and $94,200.00. Well, that?s where our income falls, but no, according to your calculations, we don?t qualify. ?May? seems to be the operative word you put in to save face. It?s basically a lie. So maybe it would be better if I divorced my husband, quit my job, and had another kid or two?or three? Then we could all get Medicaid and have the state pay for it? Ummm, no thank you!

I can?t even tell you how many times and how many hours I?ve spent just trying to get coverage. I?ve been on the phone with numerous people at the Marketplace who have tried to help. Yesterday, I was on the phone with Emma for two hours and fourteen minutes. She tried to help, filled out two new applications and entered income differently, but to no avail. The first application returned and said I was eligible for ?Emergency Medicaid Coverage.? Isn?t that funny?.three different applications, income all entered to total the same, and results that were all different. Not funny at all, but borderline insane for sure.

I?m going to include all of the W2s and 1009s that we had for last year so you can see how many jobs my husband and I had between us in order to have the $80,000.00 adjustable gross. Not to mention, we have to pay state taxes in North Carolina, so of course we have to count our refund as income too. We?re not looking to get rich, we?re just trying to get by and help others as we go. The Bible says there is no greater gift than love?I can honestly tell you, this administration is testing my faith in that every day. I?m just sick to no end when it comes to getting a break?there isn?t one for us?we work, we actually raise our children, we pay taxes, and we help others?in other words, we actually contribute to society?.we?re not happy with the socialism our country has fallen prey to, but we still contribute. Would I get any help if I filed for bankruptcy? I bet I would. Then we could be like many other Americans and just have all of our debts forgiven, not pay a penny, and be done with it.

I understand that the current Administration wants to enable and encourage bad behavior. I mean after all, if they let people work, they can take care of all the others who don?t. I think one of the most favorite questions asked on the Marketplace application is ?Are you a U.S. Citizen?? Followed by, ?You don?t have to be a U.S. Citizen to qualify for health care coverage.? Our government wants to us to be dependent on them?I mean after all, if we?re dependent on the government, then they can control things, right? Excellent job done so far.

We pay for all of our kid?s school materials and we don?t get deductions for any of the homeschool expenses. If I took my kids to China for an ?educational trip,? would I be able to write that off? Sorry?again, I realize that expensive trips and fancy dinners that are completely unnecessary only apply if you?re the one heading up the collapse of this country. The whole purpose of this ?affordable healthcare act? was geared toward illegal aliens, single moms with six different dads for their kids, and those in positions of power with lots and lots of money. It is utterly sick to be in line behind a family at the grocery store and watch them use their EBT card to pay for food, which is much better quality than what I can get, and then after the woman pays for the groceries, the man with her steps up and puts a case of Corona and a carton of cigarettes up, and then whips out a wad of cash to pay for it. I guess I?d be just plain dumb to think that I?d get a break with health coverage. Our Veterans can?t get treatment and are dying, so if that?s how the Administration treats those who defended and died for their rights to stand up in the oval office and make these stupid decisions, then why in the world would I actually think the government would help us.

I just want to make sure I?m clear. In order to qualify for a tax premium, I need to quit both my jobs, have my husband quit working hours and hours of off duty, drag my family in to the poverty level, file for bankruptcy, stop paying my bills, and then I can get a cool EBT card, have my bills paid for me, and get health insurance, compliments of the state of North Carolina? Did I get that right?

I?m not even sure how those making these determinations and laws can sleep at night, but I think the Bible sums it up pretty well when it says for an eternity, there will be loud wailing and gnashing of teeth. I find it sad and sick that the President is always on TV with the media, hosting and introducing people that have ?success? stories to share about how great this socialized health care act is, but yet I never see him on TV hosting people that have been totally crushed by this. Kind of par with the course I think.

I?m sure your response will be politically correct and dictated, just as everything else is, by our socialistic administration. I won?t hold my breath for a positive decision?Lord knows with healthcare costs as they are, holding my breath would just be stupid.

16f3a3fb, 2014-07-26, 09:33PM CDT

The stories I'm reading here are unbelievable.

I am a divorced mother of two kids & I work part time.

My employer decided that starting in 2014, they would no longer provide health insurance for part time employees. My two children have health coverage through my ex husband.

After months of trying, just befor the dead line I managed to sign up For health insurance through the website. I was told I was eligible both online and after speaking to a representative over the phone.

Because of difficulties in accessing information on the site, I spoke with a

representative who went over the plans available to me and how much the premiums would cost per month after my subsidy .

After this is all said and done, I was told that they needed me to upload a copy of my check stub to the site.

After numerous attempts, I was unable to upload that one document. I Received an error stating that I could not upload any documents at that time and to try later. I gave up trying And I mailed a copy of my check stubs to the marketplace. They never received it. In June, I received a Letter from stating that they needed to verify my income and I needed to send them a copy of my check stub. They also wanted me to verify income for my 17 year old son.

He is a high school student and isn't working. I made copies of his birth certificate and made copies of my check stub, I wrote my case number on all documents And sent them express mail so that I could meet the 30 day deadline. I used track and confirm with the post office and they verified that the documents were received by them July 10th. I have called twice and spoken to two different representatives. Neither one of them could verify that my documents have been received.

The gentleman I spoke with the first time said that if the documents are mailed in it takes longer, an if I wanted them to be Processed sooner, I should upload the documents to the website. Then I should check back in 14 days.

I just try to upload the documents today, and receive the same error I did back in March. It didn't work.

What I wanted to know is where the hell are my documents? I sent them personal private information it's been received where the hell is it? I received four emails from reminding me to submit the documents, I also received a phone call yesterday from Blue Cross Blue Shield Reminding me to send the documents 2 so I could keep my subsidy and coverage.

The customer service reps on the phones are courteous and helpful. I have no complaints with anyone I've spoken with. I'm just afraid my paperwork is lost. I'm disgusted by the Lack of organization regarding this matter. Where can I file a complaint? I've called twice and nothing's been done.

Celeste 65, 2014-07-26, 06:59PM CDT

Part of my comments were cut off.

The bottom line is this. I mailed my proof of income back in March and they never received it. I mailed it be cuz I was unable to upload it to the website I received an error everytime I tried to upload something.

I received a letter from back in June stating that I needed to verify my income and that of my 17 year old son. My son does not have an income so I gathered the information they asked for an Sent it Express Mail on July 5th.I didn't want to miss the deadline. I called the post office later that week, and They said the documents were delivered July 10th.

I have called twice since I mailed the documents, And both representative couldnt tell me whether or not my documents have been received. Afraid that my documents might have been lost, I decided to try and upload them today. It didn't work, I receive the same error that I did on the Web site back in March of this year.What the hell happened to my documents? Did someone lose them? Are they just sitting on someone's desk?

I'm afraid of losing my subsidy and losing my insurance. I'm ticked off by the Whole mess. Who can i file complaint with?

0f97b17a, 2014-07-27, 12:02PM CDT

It's so overwhelming and frustrating. I filed a complaint with BBB and with NCDOI. You need to file with Department of insurance in your state. They will walk through it with you and conference in with the marketplace. Write your senators and representatives online at their sites. Just FYI, I mailed all of our W2's, 1099's, etc. They mailed 3 back saying they they were returning the originals and made copies for their file. Then asked me last week to send all of my W2's, 1099's, etc....I read their letter to them where they "made copies for the files" and they seemed shocked. Had to hold so they could locate. And yes, they were sitting on someone's desk, as I imagine yours are as well. NCDOI said complaints regarding is pretty much all they're doing these days.

Senator Richard Burr in NC actually acknowledged my complaint. I heard from his office, signed a consent, and they are looking in to my case. I won't stop until I believe someone is listening. Good luck and be persistent.

Patsy M., 2014-11-17, 03:21PM CST

I talked to a rep this morning(November 17,2014)for about 45 minutes just to be told I would have to pay 400 dollars a month for health insurance. What the what? What part of I have no income at all don't you understand? This affordable healthcare is bull crap. Obama care is not for poor people! IT IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dbd60fd3, 2015-03-28, 10:37PM CDT

I would like to add my own experience to that of others who have written about the terrible state of a website called Whoever put that website together should be SHOT! It is the most ridiculous and misleading application ever written! First of all, it asks if the applicant currently has insurance, if they are going to lose it, and the date they are going to lose the insurance. From those 3 questions alone one would think it would be no problem to get insurance IN ADVANCE OF WHEN YOU KNOW YOU ARE LOSING YOUR CURRENT COVERAGE, but such is not the case.

I started filling out my application on Feb 22, a full 5 weeks before I expected my current coverage to end. (I retired on March 9 and I would be covered under my employer's plan until the end of that month, so I needed coverage to start on April 1). Everything I read in preparation for filling out the application said that I needed to choose a plan and make my first payment before the 15th of the month prior to the month I wanted coverage to begin, so that's what I did. That was my first mistake ... following the rules.

My initial Eligibility Letter indicated that I did not qualify to sign up because I was already covered, and I did not qualify for a tax credit because of my income. WHAT?! I couldn't believe what I was reading. Did the application not just ask me WHEN I needed coverage? I was not signing up for coverage to begin on the date I was filling out the application; I was signing up for it to start when my current coverage ended!! After 3 hours of trying to figure out what I had done wrong (the answer is: nothing!) I called the toll free number and spoke to a very nice lady who somehow manipulated my application so that the outcome was correct (in other words, that I WAS eligible to get insurance because of a qualifying event, i.e., losing my employer's coverage, and that the tax credit was correct, based on the amount I KNEW I qualified for based on my estimated 2015 income). Oh, and by the way, I had already spoken with an insurance broker, so I KNEW what my tax credit should have been all along. Thankfully the woman on the phone was able to straighten out the problems and I received another Eligibility Letter that was correct.

After completing my application and choosing a plan on March 10, I followed the instructions on the website that clearly state to "Click here to make a payment" and paid my first premium on March 11. It was posted to my credit card on March 12. That was 12 business days ago, and I STILL cannot log in to my plan's website. I have called them numerous times, they have given me my Member ID and Group ID numbers, but their website does not recognize me, so I cannot sign in, select a primary care physician, print out a membership card, or anything else. During my most recent conversation with them, the rep said it could take up to 30 DAYS for my payment to reach them! Until then, the plan website will not allow me to register. All because I did what I was told to do on the website when applying for coverage ... I made my payment there. Now my payment is in limbo somewhere between that website and my insurance company. This is very distressing. I followed the rules. I met all the deadlines. Yet here I am, 3 days before my old coverage will end, and I am without any proof that I have new health coverage as of April 1.

To add insult to injury, in the past 2 weeks I have received several emails from that in part state the following: "Pay your first month?s premium to your plan directly?not to the Marketplace." It REALLY would have been nice if this statement had been included in the application, rather than what IS on the application, which is to "Click here to make a payment." The application should NOT include that button AT ALL. It is totally misleading and has caused me undue stress. These emails came too late to help me, but maybe someone else can benefit from my experience. DO NOT make your payment to the Marketplace, even though the application tells you to do so!

I am hoping that I have no medical emergency next month that requires me to seek treatment, because if it does, and I am unable to speak for myself and have NO ID CARD to prove I have coverage, who knows what will happen to me!

Pat C., 2015-04-03, 01:22PM CDT

Ever since my Workers Comp ended last may, I have had health insurance through the marketplace. Worst run organization since the welfare program. Lost my income records 3 times initially, but yet got confirmation for coverage. Received tax credit because of Comp income received prior. Now, because I am on SS, not full retirement, I am no longer eligible for tax credit because my income is too LOW! WTH...thought this program was to HELP people get Health Care at a reasonable cost because they have a lower income? Not the case...premium went from $145 to $420. If that's affordable for low incomers I'll eat dirt! That's just for myself. Because of my Comp injury, no one will hire me for fear of re-injuring or limitations. Applied for disability and told restrictions are not life altering. I am right handed and had 2 surgeries on it and one was for nerve damage. Where can a person get help with a low income? I was recommended to Medicare but because I have an IRA and a minimal savings I don't qualify until I use that money up. So many loop holes for low incomers and not one politician I've listened to has any solutions.

Barbara R., 2015-05-22, 10:38AM CDT

my compliant is against the health care market place. they ask me for a copy of my tax returns for 2014. i sent them every paper that was in my packet , and i sent them receipt

from my business i don't have any thing else to send them, they told me that they will cancer my insurance.

a8ed19aa, 2015-05-25, 10:25AM CDT

Find a health insurance agent. They know how to get things done for you. If you're in Idaho, contact me. I worked at Your Health Idaho during the busy month of December, and now I'm an insurance agent. If you need help, I'll resolve it for you. It is complicated, and can become very frustrating.

Had Enough!, 2015-07-30, 06:56PM CDT

Frustrating indeed! Every few weeks I get another letter from the marketplace asking for documents that I've already sent and/or uploaded to the site. This was AFTER I received a letter from them saying that they had verified my documents and that no further action was needed! When I call to ask what's going on the reps just say that they don't have access to my documents, and tell me to keep uploading and sending them in! Talk about a vicious cycle! I've started my own email campaign beginning with the mayor of London KY, where the mailings are done, asking him to pay a visit to see what's going on. If I don't hear back from him I'll forward the email to their city council members, chamber of commerce, congress person, state senators, state attorney general, department of insurance, and Governor. Our tax dollars are paying for this nonsense! Is the marketplace trying to keep the USPS afloat singlehandedly?

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