Joyce Owens/J Houston Realty Group - Realtor Joyce Owens with J Houston Realty Group lied to me.

Posted on Friday, January 17th, 2014 at 6:41am CST by Ms. P.

Product: Realtor

Company: Joyce Owens/J Houston Realty Group

Location: J Houston Realty Group 202 N Interstate 35 E.
RED OAK, TX, 75154, US


Category: Real Estate

I would not recommend realtor Joyce Owens of J Houston Realty Group located in Red Oak Texas to anyone. She lied to me about a condo she had listed and when I filed a complaint against her with the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), she lied to them too.

Joyce Owens of J Houston Realty had a condo listed on Gaston Ave. in Dallas. I was approved for an FHA loan only and my realtor made me aware of the condo. My realtor contacted Joyce Owens and Joyce told her that the condos were FHA approved; meaning the lender could do an FHA loan on these condos. Not all condos are FHA approved.

I viewed the condo a couple of times my with realtor to make sure it was what I wanted. When I decided it was, I submitted a contract to purchase the condo and included the letter from my loan officer stating that I was approved for an FHA loan only.

Also attached to the contract was a third party financing addendum which stated I was using an FHA loan for the purchase. I gave realtor Joyce Owens a $100 option fee which is a form of a deposit.

Joyce Owens of J Houston Realty Group had her seller sign the contract and deliver the executed contract back to my realtor. Next I hired a home inspector for $200 to inspect the property for any problems.

As my lender was working on the loan, they found out that the condos were not FHA approved as realtor Joyce Owens had lead us believe. Since they were not in FHA approved, my loan officer was unable to do the loan on these particular condos.

I sent Joyce Owens a letter requesting that the $100 option fee check and the $200 home inspection fee be refunded to me since she had mislead us into believing they were FHA approved. Joyce responded that she never said they were FHA approved, which was a lie and she knew it.

I filed a complaint against her with the TREC to recoup the $300 that I was out of. TREC contacted her and she even lied to them and denied that she represented to anyone that they were FHA approved. TREC contacted my agent and my agent found and forwarded an email that Joyce had sent her where Joyce Owens had stated that the condos were FHA approved. TREC confronted Joyce with this email and Joyce then admitted she had been lying.

Joyce Owens of J Houston Realty Group, confronted with the fact she had been lying, was forced to reimburse me for the $300 I had spent; otherwise she faced possible suspension or revocation of her real estate license with J Houston Realty Group.

I certainly would not recommend Joyce Owens as a real estate agent for the lying and all the trouble she caused me.


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