Soumita Bhattacharya - Grievance about Pathetic Customer Service & Misguidance at Hyundai Showroom

Posted on Friday, January 17th, 2014 at 10:02am CST by Soumita B.

Product: Hyundai Santro GL

Company: Soumita Bhattacharya

Location: KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, 700148, IN

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Subject ? Deep Grievance about Pathetic Customer Service & Misguidance at Hyundai Showroom

Dear Mr Seo,

I hereby intend to register a complaint about the misguidance of the staffs at one of your Hyundai Showrooms in Kolkata, India. The showroom is named ? Austin Hyundai? (A unit of : Austin Distributors Pvt Ltd.) located at 1/1, 10, Baishnabghata Patuli Township, Block ? P,Kolkata ? 700094.

Reason of Grievance - I own a Santro GL WB 20 Z 2138. I had a road accident on 24th Dec ?13 at one of the Kolkata Crossroads called Ajoy Nagar Crossing near Hyundai. I was driving on the right hand side of the road, a taxi in front of me suddenly slowed down and thus I braked as well. The Scorpio at the back however did not brake and it dashed from behind left hand side to my car. My car went forward by the force and dashed the Taxi at the front. As a result, the left hand side panel was dented and the light smashed. The same was in the front where the Grille radiator smashed along with the front bumper. Later it was found out that the front lamp joints are broken too.

I am driving since last 3 years and had a feeling that my car is skidding at 50-60 Km/hr speed.When I checked , I found the gap from the car to the right hand side front wheel is of 2 fingers while the gap in the left hand front wheel was a bit smaller. I went to a garage just for checking and they said the left hand side front wheel have been shunned forward from the chassis which might be a cause of further road accident.

Next I went to the above mentioned Austin Hyundai on 27th Dec ?13 at 15:30 hours for repair and accident claim. Please note for the year 30th Dec 2012 to 29th Dec ?13 (midnight) I was insured with Bajaj Allianz (Policy Number ? OG-13-2401-1801-00043038), which I had done from Austin Hyundai itself. I wanted to get my car repaired as I was insured and informed the same to Austin Hyundai.

Then my harassment started at your showroom. My insurance renewal date was close so I went to the Insurance Head , Mr Kamal Chakraborty, who assisted my in getting a quotation from Bajaj Allianz itself for 2013-14. Meanwhile when I came downstairs in the Insurance Claim Department , Mr Dipankar (Mobile ? 8420189294) asked me if I had renewed my Insurance for 2013-14. When I said I had just taken a quotation, he saw it and suggested to go for a ?Add On Policy? from Tata AIG. He said to my horror in the same organization, that the Insurance Head had lowered down my Vehicle IDV and he would offer me a higher IDV for Add On. He informed about the extra benefits of the Add On Coverage that I need not to pay anything except the 1000 rupees for any insurance claims. I was first doubtful about the intention as it?s non-ethical from his part to say about his colleague that he did so for incentive targets, and secondly was confused which one to go for myself.He had sent a quotation of the same from a Tata AIG insurance agent (My Tamoghno Bose) later as well on 27th Dec at 22:18.I finally got my Insurance Renewed from a previous Austin Hyundai Insurance Head, Mr Soumitra Basu (Mobile ? 9007714944), from whom I had my 2012-13 insurance done. He has left Austin Hyundai though and I did through Tata AIG with a higher IDV but not Add On.

Anyways, he checked my car and mentioned the damages as Left Hand tail lamp, Tail Gate, Rear Bumber, L/H Str,Front Bumber,both head light, L/H tender & front bonnet. Out of these , he mentioned the tail gate & the bonnet are metal body and thus would be insured 100% for sure while for the others, it has to be partly borne by me. I agreed . This was on 27th Dec ?13. Please refer to my job slip if you doubt me. The demanded repairs were left hand front wheel check up.

The Bajaj Insurance team had visited Austin Hyundai Patuli that day while I was asked to wait. I got to know that from Mr Dipankar only. By the time I was attended, they had gone, so I was informed my delivery would be in Jan ?14 first week. I agreed again. I had requested Mr Dipankar to call me once insurance team checks it and let me know the charges,so I did not receive any call, I called him up with no response. I left a sms text with no response. I received a call from Bajaj Insurance on 8th Jan ?14 that my insurance is failed. When I informed that I had deposited my car on 27th Dec ?13, and my insurance has been renewed on time, they asked me about the renewed insurance agency.I informed them Tata AIG.Then I called up Mr Dipankar and he said it was a goof up and it would be done.The next day he said the insurance have settled all my damages. When I checked about the front wheel allignments, he said it?s not done and he will arrange for a re-visit. I asked the cost I need to bear, he said around 3500 INR.The next day he called up to say the Austin Hyundai team has seen that there is no issue there insurance has said there is a wheel issue but rejected it.When I demanded the reason, he asked me to contact Insurance directly.I was irritated of his response and said I do not want any service from Austin Hyundai and that I will pick up my car the very next day.

I went to the showroom the next day on 11th Jan ?14, Saturday and found none of the work completed.When looked for Mr Dipankar, his phone was swiched off.I was routed to Mr Sandeep Singh , the Service Manager, who had no knowledge in this. All he did instead of hearning out muy issue was to route me to a service guy, Mr Sandeep Biswal (9331328252). Mr Singh only seemed to be interested to the customers who came for buying new cars in front of me.

The panic aggrevated here onwards. Mr Biswal took me to the car which was placed on road with panes rolled down, and saw too that none of the work is done as mentioned in the Job Slip, except the bumper and the lamps. However, there was a fitting issue in the back lamps and there were gaps for insects to float in.I mentioned this and he agreed and thus he gave the delivery date as 15th Jan ?14. I informed him about the gap in wheels which he agreed too , he too could not contact Dipankar as his mobile was swiched off. I was visibly upset that day and felt utterly neclected.

The nail in the coffin was today, 17th Jan ?14. I went to pick up my car and found the following. The Body Shop Manager , Mr Chandranath Mitra was rude, inefficient and displayed non ethical approach towards me as a customer. Reasons :

a) The Tailgate was still dented and not repaired by Insurance Agency. Mr Sandeep Biswal did not mention to me neither Mr Dipankar till date that the Insurance had not done that. Body Shop Manager , Mr Chandranath said he had not information , I may contact Insurance Surveyor, Mr Shilajit, 9163353528 myself and shrugged off his responsibilities.

b) The back lamps fittings were the same with wide gaps. The Body Manager said that?s because the Tail Gate work was not done, the gap would remain. Mr Sandeep Biswal could have said it the other day but he concealed the information. Body Shop Manager as usual did not have any information.

c) The front wheel alignment was still the same with the gaps visibly wide. Guess Hyundai India does not value Customer lives ! The Bodyshop Manager was ignorant as usual.

d) Mr Dipankar was not available and his phone was swiched off.

e) I had a Ganesh Crystal idol (an Indian Deity) which was not available during delivery. The Job Slip however mentions 02 idols & 01 toy. When I mentioned, they said it was not there when I deposited. I did not continue conversation anymore.

f) The Petrol was almost full tank while deposit and its half while delivery.

g) The final bill which I paid was 6045 INR .Then why did Mr Dipankar say its 3500 INR ? No accountability by Body Shop Manager, he said he is not aware.

h) The most insensitive part on behalf of the Body Shop Manager was ? when I asked why my back left hand body was not repaired and what may be done , he replied verbatim ? You get it covered in this year when you claim the next insurance?. I was zapped and lost my mind. Hyundai actually wished me a fatal road accident.

Please note , I have been to Austin Hyundai, Patuli, all this time for all my regular services and once had claimed insurance as well, the services and staffs were excellent, except this time. You may check my records in your system. However, all the previous staffs are current attritions at this showroom.

Probably, all this harassment stems from the fact that I did not renew my Insurance from Austin Hyundai.

My Questions to You :

1. Why was the tail gate metal body dents not repaired when I had clarified the entire incidence at the beginning ? Why was the lamp gaps not mended ? Why was the wheel allignments not done? Why am I being charged for incomplete work?

2. Why do I have to even get an vague answer of ?Dipankar did it?? Guess, Dipankar is absconding, however Hyundai to me is not the MD , but your employees ? everyone Body Shop Manager Mr Chandranath Mitra, Sandeep Biswal, Service Manager Mr Sandeep Singh & offcouse Dipankar. Why don?t Hyundai dosen?t take accountability ? Never heard such incidence from family and friends owning Maruti Suzuki. Is that the reason of their success ? I wonder.

3. It?s not only about the cheating part, how does Hyundai India has the audacity to ask me face a road accident ? I paid all the charges and brought home my car today itself. I demand compensation and reversal of my money of the harassment, misguidance & cheating.

I am not sure if you are focused on Customers, if I may afford buying a first hand car , I can also afford repairing it. But what I do not like is the un-ethical and non customer centric approach.

Thanking You,

Soumita Bhattacharya

Santro ? WB 02 Z 2138


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