Uniden - Worst Customer Service Ever!

Posted on Thursday, January 16th, 2014 at 4:42pm CST by Pepe G.

Product: D3097

Company: Uniden

Location: US

Category: Online Shopping

I'm pleased to join the choir of customers who are dissatisfied with Uniden's customer service - or lack of. I've trying to get an answer to a couple of questions for weeks.

I filled an online form with my questions. Having not had a response, I emailed their Presales team complaining about the lack of response and reiterating the questions. A few days later I received a very short answer that didn't even address both questions. The person sending the email didn't even bother to address me by name, offer a word of apology or even sign his/her name.

It was just a one-line piece of garbage. I tried to call their CS live countless times but each time, after going through all the voice prompts, I reach a recording that says they have a "very large call volume", then it refers me to the same website I came from, and disconnects the call. Wow!! This is really bad customer service.

Companies who treat customers like this deserve no respect and definitely doesn't deserve our dollars.

Despite being pessimistic about this company, I wrote them one more online message showing my dissatisfaction with them. We'll see if this time they at least apologize for the lousy service!


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