4colorprint.com - 4colorprint.com is a scam, charging without permission

Posted on Thursday, January 16th, 2014 at 7:39pm CST by 2441d3a4

Product: 30mil plastic cards

Company: 4colorprint.com

Location: 1863 Whitney Mesa Dr.

URL: http://www.4colorprint.com

Category: Online Scams

http://4colorprint.com tauts having "No Setup Costs. No hidden fees". They don't charge you for shipping at check out, then AFTER you've looked at the proofs, they hit you with a shipping charge that is marked up over 500%! After I requested a refund, they said that post-checkout shipping charges are in their terms and conditions (they are not) and that they would charge me 20% for the automated proof that was sent to me.

How the scam works: advertise transparency then ripoff your customer after already having captured the order. Where did I EVER agree to that ridiculous, over inflated shipping cost? I would have had to agree to ALL the charges before they could consider the order processed.


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Business Reply  Howard, 2014-01-23, 05:15PM CST

I do remember speaking to you through e-mail and it sounds like you misunderstood me. Our website states shipping as 'TBD' To be Determined and nowhere on our website does it say Free Shipping. We take the weight and your zip code to calculate shipping straight from UPS.com so we have no control over how much shipping is. I stated our 20% cancellation fee is in our terms and conditions, I did not say shipping costs are in our terms and conditions. We feel this post was made out of miscommunication and can guarantee to the public that we are not a scam. We are sorry you had a bad experience and would like to know what we can do to help you move forward with your transaction. Thank you

2441d3a4, 2014-01-24, 04:13AM CST

Again, please finish processing my order.

There was no miscommunication, the email you sent me (below) clearly states "Also, it does state in our terms and conditions that we do charge shipping after the order has been placed." No, they do not. If shipping is to be determined, then the charge is to be approved as well, especially a 20% markup... what is a customer doesn't agree with the shipping charge you came up with? The 20% cancellation is part of the scam because you send the final invoice with shipping AFTER the proof, so you can claim that work was already done. If you need someone to approve a proof, why wouldn't there be need to approve the shocking (outrageous) shipping charge? You have so many other notifications and texts throughout your check out process, why not have a big sign or popup warning customers? Instead you make your TBD shipping charge inconspicuous, to facilitate your scam.

If it isn't a scam, why not calculate shipping at checkout like 99% of the other websites in the world? Is this your first order, or have you shipped orders before and therefore would be able to estimate shipping costs? Not marked up shipping? Try USPS flat rate boxes, or UPS ground. I used to ship 50+ orders a day, I know you marked up your shipping by a lot.

Now you're purposely delaying the order by asking AGAIN what I want to do with the order? Move forward and get it processed. Meanwhile I'll keep consumers informed on this site and others of every little tactic you use.

-------- Your Reply --------

Thank you for your e-mail. We have a note when you place the order next to shipping that says 'TBD' for To Be Determined. There is no bait and switch tactic going on here. Nowhere on our website does it say 'Free Shipping' so if you had a question about it, like many of our customers do, we would expect you to ask for the quotes prior to ordering. Also, it does state in our terms and conditions that we do charge shipping after the order has been placed. Lastly, if you cancel your order now we will need to keep 20% because we have worked on your order and sent you a proof. Please let us know how you would like to proceed.

Please let us know if you need anything else.

Designline Graphics Inc.



-------- Original Message --------

The $24 you added for shipping AFTER the order is unacceptable. Not only is the shipping cost excessively marked up, but adding it afterward is clearly a bait and switch tactic as you could easily notify shoppers prior to checkout. Please cancel my order. I will be happy to shop elsewhere, even if it cost me more, simply because I don't want to support your unethical practices with my patronage.

Business Reply  Howard, 2014-02-25, 03:52PM CST

After you place the order our staff takes the time to process it, sometimes follow up and our production offices take their time to create a proof and send it to you. That is all time for us to work on your order, that is why we charge the 20% if you cancel your order before printing has begun.

All of our customers receive an e-mail saying that their order has been charged. We only send invoices when requested and I believe you asked for the invoice after your proof was sent. Due to the different paper stock and wide range of products that we offer, we have to manually calculate the weight and then get the shipping quote from UPS.com. We charge what is advertised on UPS and do not mark it up. We will need your order number to let you know how much your order weighed so we can show you that UPS Ground shows that shipping for your order is $24. We did not stop your order when I was wondering how we can better your experience with our company in my last comment. Again, I will need your order number to give you the status of it but I can assure you we did not put a hold on it. We simply go to UPS.com, enter the weight of the product(s), enter our zip code, enter your zip code, then click Calculate. We have been shipping with UPS for 19 years and sometimes the charges are surprising but we have no control over that. We do not make money from the shipping charge, that all goes to UPS. There would be no reason for us to mark up the shipping. Please give us your order number so we can further assist you. Thank you

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