Cody's Original Roadhouse - Unsanitary Environment & Unprofessional Management

Posted on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 at 5:22am CST by Eileen N.

Product: Restaurant

Company: Cody's Original Roadhouse

Location: 39870 US Highway 19 North

Category: Restaurants, Bars

Went to Cody's Roadhouse in Tarpon Springs as a Group Outing. Ordered their Salad as a Main course, as the Menu stated it had numerous items in it. What I got was a Server who came out with a bowl, sweating profusely, and began putting salad on everyone's plate from that bowl. All I got was Lettuce and part of a Tomato. He said I could have as much Salad as I like, but I declined due to the circumstances, which I felt was unsanitary and over-priced for what I received. I did write the Restaurant, they did not reply. I then contacted a TV station who sent me a copy of a Report, that this Restaurant had Code Violations, and instructed me to contact DBPR to re-inspect, which I did. At that point, the Manager from Cody's called me with excessive excuses, was rude rather than professional. She was only concerned with her job, not solving problems, unlike most Restaurants who reimburse customers and try to make things right. The website is full of complaints against Cody's Roadhouses, so I am not the only customer who had a problem!


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