GailRay & Cat Charm Catteries - 4th complaint against CFA Cat breeder

Posted on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 at 12:37pm CST by CFA Cattery R.

Product: CFA Cat Breeder Jackie Springfield AKA J. Harrington

Company: GailRay & Cat Charm Catteries

Location: 201 Richmond Drive


Category: Pets, Animals

4th Complaint

Against: Breeder: Jackie Springfield Cattery

Cat Charm & GailRay Catteries

Address: 201 Richmond Drive City: Madisonville, KY 42431

Phone: 270-825-1191

Complaintant: Sheba Thomas, Va.



Explain Abuse kitten was received via airline with diarrhea. Notified breeder who made suggestions for help. Said it was probably due to stress, give it some time. Took kitten to vet after no relief in breeders suggestions. Found to have severe round worm and hook worm. Treated kitten but diarrhea condition continued to reoccur. Contacted breeder numerous times during this time. Was told to "give immodium AD and just keeping giving it to her until the diarrhea stops." Was advised by vet after about 6 weeks to return kitten to breeder. Attempts to return failed due to cold weather in Feb. Airline would not transport. Continued to work with vet to find problem. Eventually found a breeder who had purchased a kitten from Jackie also and said her kitten arrived to her with same problem. After a lot aof money spent and months of medication and tests they found the kitten had a very rare strain of Gardenia. She Treated cat and it responded immediately after being near death. I immediately contacted my vet who prescribed the medication to treat the Gardenia for my kitten and within one week she was showing very positive signs of recovery. She arrived to us in very poor condition. VERY THIN. Her diarrhea was noticed in the car on the return home from the airport where she arrived. Emails, vet receipts and reports confirm the condition. Kitten was very socially withdrawn and extremely non-trusting of humans. Breeder would not respond to emails only by phone and at times would not engage in conversation about the conditions of the kitten.


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