Versadock International Limited - Versadock Defects and Failure to Honor Warrantee

Posted on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 at 11:43am CST by 82f17d05

Product: Versadock floating dock

Company: Versadock International Limited

Location: United Marine Marketing Group, LLC 1110 PINE ISLAND ROAD #21


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

July 7, 2008 I purchased two assembled floating Versadock boat docks. These docks came with a 20 year warrantee that states clearly "If your VersaDock product is defective we will repair it, or at our discretion, replace it at no charge to you."

Last year I noticed the Versadock sinking to the point my boat was damaged by barnacles growing on the rear bottom of the hull. I found that every double size Versadock floating module had cracks at the mold seam that allowed them to fill with water; an obvious manufacturing defect on a lightly used dock with a lightweight flats boat. Even double size modules on an unused portion of the second dock had gaping cracks also; obvious defects. And some single size Versadock modules that also contained water seemed to have no apparent cracks, but water had probably entered through a defective screw plug seal. (see YouTube video at and more detailed photos and videos at

Nov 5, 2013 I emailed both the parent company in the UK and the US distributor ([email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]) and failed to receive any reply. After further emails, I finally did receive a reply from Bruce Nelson, the registered agent for the US distributor United Marine Marketing Group, LLC. He requested photographs which I sent promptly. I also invited them to inspect the dock. But after many emails including copies of the warranty language, they've refused to honor the warranty writing "We are not responsible for ERA Marine?s warranty" and "The original manufacture of Versadock, ERA Marine has gone out of business.? The company now making Versadock is based in England.? My company is the new distributor of Versadock in the US." So even though they continue to sell the Versadock product and brand, they've failed to honor my Versadock warrantee for a product that was obviously very defective.

We first saw floating docks at the Miami Boat Show. There are a number of other floating dock companies e.g. JetDock, CanDock, EZ-Dock, Accudock, and GatorDock.


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