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Posted on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 at 2:44pm CST by Mitzi G.

Product: Auto

Company: Bob Stallings Hyundai and OttoSource

Location: 39550 LBJ Freeway S.
DALLAS, TX, 75232, US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

This is my experience with the above referenced Hyundai dealer:

We found a car that we wanted to purchase and began working with the Director of Sales Operations on our loan. Once it was approved and the terms of the loan were to our satisfaction, we asked if we could take the loan docs to an attorney before signing them. We did (of course, we paid the attny's fees). In the interim, a leak had been found on the car that we had decided to purchase (we paid a mechanic for the inspection), so we insisted that the leak be fixed and that the car be inspected afterward by a mechanic of our choosing. We were refused. We would have to sign the loan paperwork and take possession of the vehicle BEFORE repairs would be done to the car. We said we could not do this, unless we could be given written assurance that the car would be repaired after signing loan docs and then inspected to make sure that it was repaired properly. They SAID they could do this, but when it came down to it we couldn't seem to get the written agreement.

Finally, when push came to shove, we received a TEXT MESSAGE (they couldn't even have the professionalism to call us) that we were not the kind of customer they wanted to do business with, we were too much of a liability, and that they hope we had good luck in finding a car. Can you imagine? They actually expected us to acquiesce to buying a car that was not in working order without requiring any accountability of them?!!! Amazing!

We were floored by such un-professionalism! We called the Senior VP and General Manager and apprised him of the situation. He simply thanked us for our comments and opinions and wished us luck with our car shopping.

If this is the kind of service that Hyundai stands behind, I am disappointed and astounded. I will make sure that EVERYONE I know hears about this experience and I will post bad reviews on every venue I can find regarding it. I will also take my 'comments and opinions' to the Better Business Bureau to add emphasis to how unacceptable this is.


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Business Reply  kevin c., 2014-01-16, 04:31PM CST

Rather then have an unhappy buyer, we simply decided not to sell this customer a vehicle. We didn't feel the vehicle would every make meet her standards or the standards of Bob Stallings so we declined to buy the vehicle and not to offer it for sale.

Mitzi G., 2014-01-16, 04:50PM CST

You were asked to make a repair prior to sale. I don't see how that can be construed as not being able to meet the customer's standard. An informed customer should NEVER sign legal docs for something that is not fully functional. This customer made a wise call.

Mitzi G., 2014-01-16, 04:55PM CST

If the car didn't meet the standards of the dealer, why did you offer it for sale. The truth is that you got caught trying to scam a customer and you dodnt like it.

Mitzi G., 2014-01-16, 04:57PM CST

Shame in you, Mr VP for standing behind the sloppy business practices of your employees. Be apprised that you have been reported to Hyundai and to the BBB.

Robert Allyn L., 2014-01-17, 09:02AM CST

A little perspective from another dealers employee:

1st Mitzi replying 3 times to a business reply without the business Posting in between makes you look obsesive and a little frightning.

2nd Dealers sometimes have cars on the lot with problems that are hidden or missed during inspection or not worth the $ value to repair a the price point they can sell the car for. For those reasons a car can be withdrawn from a dealers inventory and "Whole-saled" to a wrecker or a used lot that specializes in "fixer-uppers"

3rd the rule of thumb in the car business is that 10% of your cutomers take 90% of your time and of that 10%, 20% should not be allowed to be a customer as they will do nothing but cost money and waste time. In other words, a money taker rather than a money maker.

A person who can write as well as you (See above) and can't read and understand a purchase agreement is a little scary for the dealer. Add in obsesive behaviour about the repair, and the fact the car is not worth repairing to the dealer, I would have "Withdrawn" the car as well.

You are just making yourself look bad.

Let it go and look for a car at another dealer. I doubt Bob Stallings (inc) wants to see you again.

Mitzi G., 2014-01-17, 10:48AM CST

I posted three times because my computer kept locking up on me and throwing me out. Second, we paid to have the car inspected, as any informed consumer would, prior to purchasing the car--2 weeks prior to all of this. Third, we disclosed the mechanics findings to the dealer, in order to make sure that the dealer KNEW there was a problem. Furthermore, the leak was not HIDDEN, but obvious and in plain sight. Fourth, the dealer led us to believe, initially, that he would have the leak fixed prior to our purchasing the car, because he was going to have it fixed whether or not we bought the car--his words. Fifth, it was upon taking the loan docs to our attorney that we were advised to either have the leak fixed prior to signing or get something in writing assuring us that the vehicle would be repaired. Sixth, we purchased a Mercedes, R350 last night, at a lower interest rate, lower payments, WITH an extended warranty. When the finance manager looked over Hyundai's paperwork, he confirmed the exact suspicion that our attorney had--we were about to be taken for a ride. Last, but not least, it just so happens that I am a mental bealth professional with many years of training and experience. You know whats really frightening? When a CAR SALESMAN tries to diagnose a pathology and ends up lloming like a fool. My advice to you would be, in the future, when you know someone writes as well as I do, understand that I have much more than a high school diploma and keep your place, as well as your tongue. Now, there's some perspective for you.

d5acee52, 2014-01-18, 08:17PM CST

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