Million Dollar Transportation/Maximus Management Group, Inc. - Watch out for Daniel M. Murphy

Posted on Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 at 5:47pm CST by Ronny Y.

Product: Non Medical Transportation Course

Company: Million Dollar Transportation/Maximus Management Group, Inc.

Location: P.O. Box 10 Bible School Park, NY 13737


Category: Online Scams

As I researched on how to start a non medical transportation business. I came across Maximum Management Group Inc. out of New York. I spoke with a salesman Daniel M. Murphy. He is seemed to be a wannabe tough talking

New Yorker. All he kept saying is "buy the e book it has all the info you need". As I asked him relevant questions, he would talk over me and say "

you don't know this business, now buy the e book".

I don't appreciate people that don't answer questions and tries to high pressure sell you. I would stay clear of Maxium Management Group Inc. as long as Daniel M. Murphy is working there unless you like throwing your money away.

WATCH OUT FOR THEIR SCAMMY sales techniques!


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Dan M., 2014-01-14, 06:18PM CST

You have to love Ronny Y and his "fast talking NY hussle!" After all, he's from Brooklyn, ya know!? Ronny made sure to make to make it clear, he's "from Brooklyn!" LOL!

Anyways, I am Dan Murphy, and I had the amusing pleasure to handle Ronny Y's phone call. In fact, we spoke on the phone at length not once, but twice. I explained to Ronny Y how is current strategy of trying to start his transportation business was flawed. He wants to focus his entire business around Medicaid transports which is a recipe for disaster!! Unfortunately, tough talking Brooklyn-born Ronny seemed to have all the answers despite our experience in helping an untold number of providers nationally over decade/plus years.

I encouraged Ronny Y to invest in and study the material so that, once educated on the particulars of this business and our changing industry, we could better speak of and advise him on building his business. But again, tough talking Ronny had all the answers!

And then, for the best part, he made it clear how he "is an internet marketer" and how he is "going to go blogging to bad mouth us!" LOL!

Good job, Ronny. You 'da man!

Keep smiling, Brother! ;)

7d0f7fa3, 2014-01-15, 01:09AM CST

First off I would like to let everyone know that Dan Murphy hung up on me yelling. I then sent an email asking for someone else to call me. I did stay that I would like to make a complaint. Unfortunately, Dan Murphy is the only one in the office, Ha! Being the only one in the office I guess he doesn't have to answer to anyone an acts a fool and goes on rants.

All that Dan is stating is not true and I am not from Brooklyn and he is from New York. And who cares if I was from Brooklyn? Is Dan a prejudice of Brooklynites? He's the first that I came across.

All Dan Murphy does is lie and try to hard sell people with out answering questions. He feels that bullying through a phone call and talking over people is the way to have people want to buy there product. Dan Murphy was assuming that I was wanting to build a business around medicaid because he wasn't LISTENING just talking.

I don't know where he getting all these lies from. What he should remember is that I said I would like advice that is why I'm on his website. I had left a message and has been in email coorespondence with Dan eagerly wanting to purchase their e-book. It was when Dan answered the phone just blabbing buy buy buy like a telephone tough guy. What ever Dan says on these posting don't believe it. If I get an apology and speak to a normal sales person I would remove this post. Honestly, he is rude and doesn't listen to people. Anyone wanting to start a business that involves time, money, energy and involves our family should ask questions. Entering into a new industry isn't something that anyone should do right away. Alot of due diligence and questions should be asked. I thought this company would help answer my questions, well, not Dan. STAY AWAY , all he cares is about making a sale and feeling good about him self by talking over people.

Oh, Dan I'm smiling, aways :)

Dan M., 2014-01-15, 04:51AM CST

Oh, my dearest Ronny. The lengths you go to try and vindicate your irrelovent opinions and distorted facts...too funny.

As I mentioned and made clear on the phone, I am NOT a salesman - sorry! I am not paid a commission try try and "sell" anyone anything. Rather, I continue to assist people in helping them build their NEMT businesses. Further, Joel's materials speak for themselves by their countless success stories and testimonials. Your telephone tirades, online rants, vulgar emails, whiny complaints and laughable threats of "having to blog and tell everyone about me (because you're such a successful online marketer - LOL) further marginalize your efforts and your claims.

Please accept my apologies for "bullying" you over the phone!? I didn't know my VOICE was SO intimidating and that your ego and stature is so fragile making you so vulnerable to such bullying! You poor thing! I can only suspect that you had to flee the tough streets of Brooklyn because the boys on the block were too intimidating. That's probably why you still go by the name "Ronny," because you're a little boy in mind and stature.

By all means, please feel free to leave this complaint, contact the BBB and pursue all other promised threats. They are further indicitive of what a whiny, poutty "little man" you are while offering me a bit of amuzement and comic relief in a busy day.

I further apologize that I wasn't committed to wasting an hour on the phone with you trying to recite all of the material Joel shares in his ebook because you're too cheap and lazy to read his material. I'm sorry I couldn't reduce the price of his materials to satisfy your cheap self. I'm sorry that the tactics I was telling you condradicted the foolish strategy you are pursuing in starting your business.

But, I do thank you for bringing me many smiles!!! ;)

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