Northwood Travel, Inc. - Travel Agency Staff is Incompetent and Rude

Posted on Monday, January 13th, 2014 at 6:08am CST by Eileen N.

Product: Travel Agency

Company: Northwood Travel, Inc.

Location: 737 Main Street Suite 102

Category: Travel, Vacations

Had to make Travel Arrangements to go from Florida to New Jersey for a Court Case the end of January 2014. The Agent was an elderly woman who told me not to interrupt her when I began asking questions. She did manage to get me a plane reservation, but had trouble trying to find me a hotel, so her co-worker had to help her. When I asked about transportation her co-worker had to help her with that as well. When I gave her my Credit Card information she could not read my card, as apparently she needs glasses, so I had to read her the information. She failed to tell me that I would be billed immediately, but luckily I had the money in my Bank account. When I got home, I had to call the Airlines for a Confirmation Number as it was not on the copy she gave me. I also had to call the Hotel to get a single bed, as she told me only double beds were available, which was not true! I then had to call to make my own transportation arrangements. I felt like I was doing the Travel Agent's job, but she got paid for it!


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