Leap frog - Rechargeable battery pack not worth $40

Posted on Monday, January 13th, 2014 at 11:31am CST by af3fa952

Product: Leap pad 2 rechargeable battery pack

Company: Leap frog

Location: US

URL: Leapfrog.com

Category: Other

My husband and I bought our son a leapad 2 about a year and a half ago. My son has loved it and he has had great play time with it. Early 2013 we purchased the rechargeable battery pack because we were going through batteries quickly, as then my daughter had also begun to use it. With 2 children playing with one leap pad it seemed only reasonable to purchase the rechargeable battery pack. It worked great for about 10 months and then began to not hold a charge. I called leap frog and clearly explained my situation to the customer service rep. He left me with the impression on the phone that a new battery pack was being sent to replace the one that no longer worked. Well, a few weeks later I got a package in the mail with 4 regular batteries, a shipping label and a xerox copy of directions that I could not even begin to read the copy was so poor. The only part of the directions I could make out was to try the batteries that were sent. So I did that and as expected the leap pad worked fine, as the battery pack was the issue, not the leap pad. So I called leapfrog again and was told that there was only a 90 day guarantee on the battery pack and that we were outside of that window. When I questioned the rep as to why I had gotten the package she told me the previous rep must not have understood what the problem was and if we sent in the leap pad they would just test it with regular batteries and as long as it worked they would just return it to us. So I asked if there was anything else that could be done or if I was basically just out my $40. And I was given a code for 15% off a new pack on the leap pad site, which was nice, but after s&h it really doesn't save me anything. Overall leap frog should know that 90 days is ridiculous with kids toys and stand behind their product. Really upset, especially thinking about how I could have apparently just told them we bought it for Christmas and it doesn't work and then they would have sent a new one I guess. Will think twice about buying electronic leap pad toys next time of they don't even stand behind them for a full year.


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