GlobaTrack, LLC - TrakDot promised a replacement back in October 2013.

Posted on Monday, January 13th, 2014 at 5:51pm CST by Foolmeonce

Product: TrakDot Luggage Tracker

Company: GlobaTrack, LLC

Location: 2930 Westwood Blvd. Suite 250 Los Angeles, CA 90064


Category: Consumer Electronics

We bought a TrakDot in September for a trip we are taking this month.

Oct 14 2013 we get an email. they have discovered a problem.. "After thousands of flights, we have become aware of a software issue on your device they may cause delayed SMS / Email Notifications or an errant location to be reported". They go on to say "FedEx will send you a separate e-mail with a pre-paid return label and instructions on how to mail your devices back to us for the software upgrade. This will happen within the next 6-7 days. Please make sure that your address information on the FedEx label is correct.

We anticipate that the shipment and processing time to update your device will take about 2-3 weeks. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience."

No Email from FedEx. We call in Nov, a girl tells us we need log onto their site and print our own return shipping form. Where? so I call back and they tell us that was wrong and we just need to sit tight. Still no email.

its now mid-December I call back and the guy tells me all the replacements were shipped, we are the only ones that got missed, our email from must have been caught in a spam filter and he would just send us one the next week/no charge and we would have it before new years for sure, and to just throw the old one away.

Nothing shows. I leave a vcml last week. and get this email reply..

"On Jan 10, 2014, at 6:18 PM, Jim Duvall <[email protected]> wrote:

I apologize for the inconvenience you?ve been caused. I got your phone call today and immediately put in an order to ship you a new trakdot unit. It will ship out today, and you should receive it in plenty of time for your trip in 9 days. Once it has shipped, I will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number. I appreciate your patience in this matter, and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Jim Duvall

Technical Support"

I ask what happened to the December replacement...

"We were expecting a shipment of new devices in mid-December, from which we would then supply our customers with replacement devices. However, that shipment didn?t arrive until early January, so we haven?t been able to fulfill those obligations until now. I spoke to the shipping supervisor to ensure that your device gets included in tonight?s shipment. I should have a tracking number for you Monday.


Jim Duvall

Technical Support"

Today is Monday and we never got the message with shipping info as promised. I leave another vcml at tech support and it looks like we being left with a defective unit (that may not work for our trip - the one we bought it for 5 months in advance).

Its not looking good for TrakDot. Stuff happens but its how truthful you are to your customers that counts! Another great idea dies because of mismanagement! I think now I would just be happy to get our money back.

Anyone else having problems getting a TrakDot firmware replacement?


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Foolmeonce, 2014-01-15, 07:09PM CST

So the replacement TrakDot arrived today but they sent it so the brokerage charges would be charged to us collect! We had to pay $23 COD charges to get a working unit. I have notified Jim Duval/TrakDot tech support of this. I will ask them for a credit applied towards our account which we will use for the yearly tracking fee. Waiting to hear back from Jim Duval....

Anand N., 2014-01-22, 11:03AM CST

I have received the same story from them as well. They 'fixed' a problem from this summer yet the unit still does not work. They told me a replacement would be sent in January yet nothing has come and they won't respond to my emails.

Foolmeonce, 2015-06-12, 11:55PM CDT

Update: My track dot is working as promised now. I just took it with me to France and it reasured me all along the way where my baggage was. The blutooth short range locater worked great too! I'm happy with TrackDot now and fully recommend them. Its a nice turn around!

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