Moore Unique Dermatology and Spa - Customer Care Should Always Outweigh Greed

Posted on Saturday, January 11th, 2014 at 2:37pm CST by Stick To The Facts

Product: Dermatology Dipronex

Company: Moore Unique Dermatology and Spa

Location: 2525 W. Bellfort St. Suite #105, Houston, TX 77054
HOUSTON, 77054, US


Category: Health, Beauty

I visited Moore Unique Dermatology and Spa in Houston, TX sometime in October 2008. This place was very impressive upon arrival. The staff (with the exception of the doctor) was extremely professional and kind.

Forty minutes past my scheduled appointment time, I was elated to finally be called from the waiting room.

Once in the back, I participated in the strangest thing ever!

The process reminded me of a Hospital's intake process, except Hospital's don't demand to photograph you. When I questioned the need for the photograph, I was told by a staff member that "Dr. Moore wants to make sure he's paid, should an issue arises with your Insurance"...Amazing!

As I followed the assistant to the room I observed a few "nurse practitioners" pacing the floor and I asked if I would be seen by Dr. Moore.

She advised me that I would not be seen by Dr. Moore, but by one of the assistants. Once they were done "Dr. Moore will just come into the room to confirm the diagnosed condition". (I guess she observed the utter disappointment in my face) and rebutted by suggesting that I could see Dr. Moore if I preferred... and I did.

He entered the room and glanced at my head, not my scalp, (because he never got close enough to me to be capable of observing any scalp condition). He handed me a flyer and stated, "This is what you need, get all of these products and follow the directions".

He then muttered a few medical codes to the assistant, and left the room.

I was dumbfounded by his level of unprofessionalism!

The assistant asked me to follow her so she could schedule a follow up appointment, and I advised her at that time, that I would NEVER return.

She left the room and returned with Dr. Moore who sarcastically said, "You want to talk?...What do you want to talk about? (as he slid into the chair).

I explained to him that...

I had never been to a Doctor before in my life that didn't take the time to inquire about what was bothering their patient, ask questions about their symptoms, and explain the condition (if any), and THEN......prescribe medication, or a treatment plan.

I am 29 years old and have no edges around the front of my hairline.. I take medication for hypertension, and I was actually excited about my appointment today, because I really wanted to know what's wrong with my scalp, and what's causing my hair loss. However, I am leaving with the same level of confusion about my hair loss, as I had upon my arrival today... something is wrong here.

Dr. Moore went on to FINALLY explain that what I have is (no surprise) Folliculitis, and that I needed to take HIS.. prescribed line of hair care products. (Prescribed? If there was a prescription it could be covered by my insurance and filled at Walgreens, Right?)... NOT! Not covered by insurance.

If I had purchased everything listed on the flyer, the costs including my insurance co- pay would have far exceeded $300.00.

Victimized by desperation to restore my hairline to normalcy.... even after that horrible experience.... I regretfully purchased the Dry scalp shampoo and Dipronex drops. Shame on Me!

However, first impressions can last a lifetime, and I will never return to Moore Unique Dermatology and Spa in Houston, Texas to see Dr. Milton Moore.

Customer Service and Customer Care should ALWAYS outweigh GREED. A smart business owner understands that showing your customers/clients that you are willing to put their needs before yours, will create loyal and referral clients forever... And financial prosperity will follow!

If anyone knows a great Dermatologist in Houston that is interested in more than his clients purses or wallets please post.



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