United States Postal Service - Postman failing to deliver my packages repeatedly

Posted on Saturday, January 11th, 2014 at 8:20pm CST by chris z.

Company: United States Postal Service

Location: TX, US

URL: usps.com

Category: Government, Police

We attempted to deliver your item at 4:54 pm on January 11, 2014, TX and a notice was left. You may arrange redelivery by visiting http://www.usps.com/redelivery or calling 800-ASK-USPS, or may pick up the item at the Post Office indicated on the notice. If this item is unclaimed after 15 business days then it will be returned to sender. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later


This was on my tracking number. This is a lie. The postman came at 1:50 pm not 4:54 pm and I stood outside waived to him and he ignored me and went away. He did not deliver my package and neither did he left any notice because his supervisor told me he never came again. My package was scheduled to be delivered today. I called at post office and after 30 minutes of 6 phone calls a man picked up he gave me his initials JT and said I should call back at 3 pm which I did. Again they would not pick up the phone even after me calling them for 30 minutes at least 7 times. Then the supervisor picked up and said she would call me on monday.

NOW THIS NOTICE which is a lie as supervisor told me the mail man will not come again that he only comes once and I did not see any notice posted on my door or in mail box or anywhere else.

This postman has done this several times. How can they allow this man to do this repeatedly. This is government mail service and he is posting lies.


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