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Posted on Saturday, January 11th, 2014 at 3:00pm CST by chris z.

Company: North Lake College

Location: 5001 N MacArthur Blvd
IRVING, 75038, US


Category: Education

First your experiences may differ but here is mine.

The buildings look nice but are you here for that?

I took computer network classes. The quality of teachers was not good at all.

1. The department said take this particular course. I took it and the teacher taught little and to top that the course was basically useless and redundant.

I wasted my hard earned money on this useless irrelevant course recommended by the department.

2. One teacher was not teaching the course properly and so some students complained about her to the department. She was enraged and wanted to know who complained about her and stopped teaching the class and left the classroom!

3. I took another networking class and the teacher was a Pakistani (wait the nationality is relevant to my post) . He taught little to nothing. At end of class he was asking students for job leads. He was looking at me too but I had none.

Then the Pakistani teacher said this in classroom - some kind of religious riot happening between muslims and other religion (mine) in my home country! And he said he was supporting muslims. He said his family was in Pakistani military. I was shocked as I had nothing to do with all of this and I was just a student in the class.

This man was making political and other statements in the class he was teaching it! And it was directed at me.

4. Another networking class I took was with a Vietnamese teacher. I asked him permission to review the chapter quizzes before final exam. He refused me. But he allowed other students to review the quizzes! So this was a clear case of harassment.

I complained to department head about this and he allowed me to review chapter quizzes.

later this Vietnamese teacher made a negative statement about people from my home country.

Now I understood why he was harassing me.

5. Another networking class i took was taught by a lady. She taught nothing I mean nothing. We just sat in classroom and read the chapters and did the homework all individually by ourselves.

But that is not all of it.

I had questions and this teacher would ignore me totally in the class I mean ignore ALL OF MY QUESTIONS. I raised hands to ask them but she would not even ACKNOWLEDGE ME, NOT ONCE, THROUGH OUT THE SEMESTER.

Any reasonable person would know when this is happening to them that something is wrong that you are being MISTREATED. I thought If I made the complain she would give me a bad grade deliberately So I did not complain.

In the First exam, lots of students failed. More than half of the students quit the course.

I don't know why I didn't quit. May be I thought I could manage a decent grade studying by myself. I got a B grade in first exam.

There was only 1 other exam. She again taught nothing, The subject material became more complex. I asked her If could get help later Non class day during the week). The teacher said I should make an appointment with her. I did and She showed up late

I thought She would help me with studies. But She did not! SHE KEPT TALKING ON THE PHONE AND WENT HOME THEREAFTER totally ignoring my presence!

The final exam was over course material not from the book!

I made a C in Class. I had a Overall 4.0 CGPA before this class inspite of all the harassment and bigotry I had endured at hands of teachers at North lake College.

I complained about her to the department. One teacher called me up and said She can give any sort of Final Exam She likes. I told him She taught nothing and that the Final Exam was over subject material not in the Book.

They did not care.

After this class I had enough of harassment, bigotry, and bad treatment and left North lake College for good.

If there was a ranking below 1 star, I would give it that ranking.


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